Alicia Egan

Alicia Egan


Alanna & Alicia are twin sister singersongwriters whose original acoustic songs blend folk, jazz and blues. Their performance features sweet sibling harmonies and their lyrics sparkle with an original, intimate voice that is rare in songwriters today. Instrumentation - piano, guitar and viola.


Alanna and Alicia are twin sisters who blend folk, jazz and roots in their original, acoustic songs. Their performances feature sweet, sibling harmonies and their lyrics sparkle with an original, intimate voice that is rare in songwriters today.
As identical twins, they share a uniquely intuitive, creative partnership and have a natural musical rapport. They have had considerable recognition for their songwriting, winning awards at several national festivals. Both have been finalists in the Australian Songwriting Awards and Alicia won Best New Talent at Port Fairy in 1998.
Amy Bennett (piano and strings) and Andy Baylor / Khristian Mizzi (guitar) provide subtle, imaginative instrumentation.

The band performs around Melbourne eg Northcote Social Club, Wesley Anne, Clifton Hill Hotel, Bar 303, and at Australian festivals, including Port Fairy 2010, Brunswick 2010, the National FF 2010, Newstead Live 2010, Melodica 2010, The Basin 2009 & 10, Maldon 2008 and Darebin 2009, and at folk clubs such as Melbourne, Selby, Burrinja Ranges and Bendigo . In March they opened for Scottish singer Eddi Reader.
They have shared the stage with many talented acts including Eddi Reader (Scotland), Eleanor McEvoy (Ireland), Madison Violet (Canada), Kim Richey (USA), The Waifs, Jeff Lang, Clare Bowditch, Jen Cloher, Alex Burns, Kavisha Mazzella, Kerrieanne Cox, Rosie Burgess, Lloyd Speigel, Jordie Lane and Tinpan Orange.

'Two in a Book', the much anticipated second album from the sisters, was launched at the Port Fairy Folk Festival 2010. The girls are natural wordsmiths and they write with insight about personal issues, especially for the 20s to 30s demographic. We hear about the 'joys' of living in a sharehouse, coping with a long distance romance and the conflicting choices facing women today.
Alanna & Alicia write about what people think but often are unable to articulate themselves.
The girls received a Vic Rocks Arts Grant to assist them in producing the new album which was recorded by Barry Stockley at Fatsound Recording Studio in Melbourne.
They have some fine musicians playing with them on the album including Australia's elder statesman of folk, jazz, country and blues, Andy Baylor on guitar, Amy Bennett on piano and viola, and Mark Elton on double bass.
Their independent debut album, ‘Funny She’s So Much Like Me’, with eleven original tracks was released in 2006.

‘By any assessment they are shaping up for a very significant, even huge future. It would not surprise me if they ended up on any stage 09
in the world.’
Jamie McKew, Festival Director Port Fairy Folk Festival, Feb, 20
‘They were cheeky, adventurous, funny and commanding. They are a joy and a must see for anyone who thinks, listens, laughs and sings.’
(Mel Robertson, Melbourne Folk Club, May 2009)

‘Alanna and Alicia Egan’s songs are timeless and delivered from the heart, a rare trait for singer/songwriters in this day and age. ’
(Marcello Lo Ricco, LSS Productions)

‘These girls are the complete package – not only are they excellent songwriters, they are also excellent singers.’
(Jan Preston, musician, MC ,Maldon Folk Festival 2008)

‘They put on a great show – lyrically very inspiring and they are right on the edge of where all lyricists aim to be.’
Graham Dodsworth, singer/songwriter, Melbourne Folk Club. May 2009

Bookings : Ph : Alicia 0410253866 , Alanna 0410253718
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March 2010


The Book

Written By: Alicia Egan

The Book

If I was a book on a shelf in a library
You could borrow me out and never return me
I’d be under your pillow,
there’d be overdue notices
and fines you’d refuse to pay.

If I were a book
I’d be oh so easy to love
Cos if I were to bore you silly
You could just close me up.

If I were a boat anchored in the river
At one of those overpriced hire places you could hire me out
Pick me from all the other boats
Row off into the sunset
They’d never see their boat again.

And if I were a boat
I’d be oh so easy to love.
Cos even in your darkest hour
I’d keep you afloat.

If I were a shirt that belonged to your brother
You could try me on while he wasn’t looking
You could take me back to your place he’d think I was lost
And you could wear me all the time
Except when he came over.

And if I were a shirt
I’d be oh so easy to love
Cos if I got a little lipstick on my collar
You could just put me through the wash.

If I were a feather that flew in you window
And landed on you when you were deep deep in sleep
you could wake in a blink, dip me into ink
and make me write just what you wanted to hear
Over and over a thousand times a day
Oh I’d just have to obey.

If I were a feather
I’d be oh so easy to love
I’d just drift through the edges of your dreams
And then I’d float far far away
You could be free as you please.

If I were a boat, bird, shirt or a feather
I’d be oh so easy to love
But I’m just an ordinary girl
And that’s the hardest thing to love in the world.

The Sharehouse

Written By: Alicia Egan

The Sharehouse

I have never met a boy as weird as you
I know it might sound like an insult
But that’s not what I was trying to do
And it’s rented houses and no backyards
And half arsed jobs after we’ve studied so hard
And I’m working late, spend my life on the train
Looks like I’m eating dinner from a can again
Did you know our conversation was the best part of my day?
You put your comic spin on my bleak situation
Make me feel like I’m in some play

We’re getting too old for this sharehouse circuit
Sleeping alone in our double beds
The sink is crowded, the fridge is bare
The pot plants should never have been left in my care
And I have never met a boy quite so weird as you
I know, I know it might sound like an insult
But that’s not what I was trying to do
We’re irrationally jealous of our parents’ generation
With their retirement funds and their free education
While our knees are buckling, we’re craning our necks
To see a life beyond the crippling weight of our HECS

I’m so glad you could make it
Hey I’m so glad you could come rescue me
I’m surrounded by all these smug couples
They’re whinging about the rising price of houses
The days are gone when they were alone like me
And we would stay up drinking, talk about love for hours
Yeah they’re telling me it’s high time that I did something with my life
To stop procrastinating
They’re talking about my life like it’s this rundown house
In some serious need of home decorating
So it’s not surprising our conversation was the best part of my day

When You Come Back

Written By: Alicia Egan

What did I used to cook before I met you?
So weird to go back to cooking on my own
The vegetables mock me from the crisper
They know this is lame
Without you here to stir it up
I think I’ll go get take away curry again

When you come
Will you come
Won’t you come back
Yeah when you come
Will you come
Won’t you come back
When you come
Will you come
Baby won’t you come back?

When you come back
You can get up and buy the paper
Cos you always wake up too early anyway
Then we’re going to stay in bed all day
Make love, read, listen to the rain
And if someone comes knocking on our front door
We’ll just hide under the covers ‘til they go away

Back pack all packed ready to go
My baby he’s on his way back
I want my airport moment
When he comes back

When you were here
You know you used to be so noisy
Chatter chatter chatter chatter chatter chatter chatter chatter
Shut up shut up shut up shut up
But now all of this silence looms louder
Than you ever could be
When you come back
Won’t you sing ‘til three
Like you used to do with me?

Flash back back track
On your flight path
My baby he’s on his way back
The bird in the hand flies south
All the way back

Cos you know full well I don’t want to live in England
It’s too damn cold and the food there makes me fat
Well it’s my personal health that you really should consider
If you care about my heart and you care about my figure
You’ll be out that door and on the next plane back

When you come
Will you come
Won’t you come

When you come
Will you come
Won’t you come
Back yeah baby back?


First album 'Funny She's So Much Like me' 2006 has eleven beautiful original tracks.
Their second album 'Two In a Book' was recorded with a Vic Rocks Arts Grant and launched at the Port Fairy Folk Festival this year.

Set List

The band usually does all originals - 45 minute sets, sometimes one set, sometimes two at a gig.