Alicia Previn/Lovely Previn

Alicia Previn/Lovely Previn

BandPopAdult Contemporary

Catchy melodies that stay with you yet never get tiresome, colorful imagery lyrics, violin, recorder, guitar, fun unusual sounds, groove for kids and adults too


My favorite band is XTC because they have no formula or boundaries in how they write. I write for different genres but children's songs are a new avenue for me. I've been performing in bands carving out new ways for the violin to go and dancing while I play or climb to the top of a speaker to play a rock or blues solo. Improvising is my favorite thing to do or just jump in on a song I've never heard before. I've been in my share of Irish bands, have toured the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Europe, Hungary and Scandinavia. People tell me they are touched when they hear my music.


The Earthworm Song

Written By: Alicia Previn

Great beauty beneath the soil where the earthworms lay
A reason to live and work each and every day
Turning the soil into gold, precious enough to hold..
Chorus:Earthworm, you make us humans small
Earthworm you make us humans small
No need for eyes or ears but you are the smartest of all
Watch out! though a spade may sever, you are a perfect mender..
Male and female you are exclusive to this gender
The earth is moved by your sole purpose
Can't call you lowly, for your life is a thousand feet tall..
You make us all look small!
If I could walk the earth my shoes would carry your secret worth
To creatures great and small they know that soon you'll have food for us all
Your life is a towering sacrifice, I want to love you and treat you nice!


"From A to B"single "I'll Never Get Over You" single got max airplay in U.K. "Shatterproof" LP, "Rocky Road" LP "Astro Stukas" LP"Blueland" LP, "Crime Map" LP, airplay on college stations, played on many LP's by Hothouse Flowers, Communards, General Public, In Tua Nua, Cracker, The Young Dubliners, Flogging Molly, and many others...

Set List

playing in many bands various set lists...when I do my children's stuff I play "The Earthworm Song" and "Do the Earthworm Wiggle"