Alicia R. Brousard

Alicia R. Brousard


Alicia R. Broussard is a forward thinking singer/songwriter who sings her soulful melodies over pop riffs we crave to hear again.


Alicia began singing the day she was born, but actively pursued a career in Opera at the age 14. Competing, and performing in the field she made quite a name for herself, becoming one of the first high school students to join the Houston Grand Opera Intern Program. Later moving to Dallas, where she attended Southern Methodist University, she performed regularly with the prestigious Meadows School of the Arts, and The Dallas Opera. Currently a full-time singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, California, Alicia spends her time writing haunting, memorable melodies and lyrics that are paired with hooky and loveable riffs. Listeners have described her soulful songs as topics that we all can relate to, with music we love to hear. Although she is no longer an opera house hopeful, Alicia is one to watch in the time to come.
Her latest work, a 4 song EP, titled The Stories She Will Tell, are songs that paint vibrant pictures of the experiences anyone encounters on the road to growing up. Working with musicians such as Rob Seals (Production and guitar), Billy Hawn (Percussion), Frank Haggerty (Piano), Mark Smith (Guitar), and Sean Hurley (Bass Guitar), she offers this EP as a stunning debut into the Pop/ Rock world.


The Stories She Will Come, 2006

1. Right Back To You
2. Sweet Abandon
3. Never Good Enough
4. Bittersweet Escape

Set List

For a current set list, please contact Alicia via email, as new material is constantly being added.