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"A breath of fresh air from a Humble Heart"

It's great when a relatively new Believer brings a breath of fresh air to the Body of Messiah. Whether it be a refreshingly insightful, spontaneous statement from a new Believer or a substantial artistic contribution to Kingdom work - it's inspiring proof of the power of Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) to bless those in our midst.

Alicia Smith's songs and singing are big refreshers. In her new CD, her first, she brings a variety of songs, all firmly based in Scriptures - which she quotes above each printed lyric. This CD is engaging right from the first song, O, L-rd My G-d, with its simple, catchy tune and universal message of trust. O, L-rd My G-d is a response phrase that a congregation could learn instantly. Joyful Noise, based on Psalm 100, has an infectious rhythm that invites dancing. Rain On Me (Joel 2:28) has some musical turns of phrase as original as the words. Smith's Sh'ma contains an intriguing Ancient World flavor. The cumulative, Old-MacDonald construction of Praise The L-rd makes it effective for children's groups. The words add up all of the ways to praise; "With all your might, with dancing feet, with voices raised, with hands up high..."

Five tracks are devotional or faith art. All are beautiful and deep. The final song, Remember Me (Luke 22:19-20) makes a fine ending to an inspired CD, and it could be used during a Passover Seder or a Lord's Supper ceremony.

Instrumental support, especially by guitarist Rich Sheppard, is professional and imaginative. Alicia Smith, for being gifted in songwriting so recently, already has amazing scope and depth in her work. This CD makes a significant Messianic statement and is very enjoyable to hear. - Michael Fink - The Messianic Times

"Humble Heart by Alicia Smith"

I am blessed to introduce you to our latest featured artist. A while back, I was contacted by Alicia Smith who had released her debut CD entitled "Humble Heart". I agreed to give it a listen, and am I ever glad that I did! I sat down and listened to what I would call as one of the most worshipful Messianic releases in years. Alicia’s simple, heartfelt songwriting, along with her uncomplicated musical style is so refreshing to me. Many times, the exhibition of intricate musical arrangements overshadow the real meaning of the songs performed. Alicia’s approach to G-d’s message is both beautiful and direct. Her song style cries out the true emotion of the message of each song. While you won’t find the 50 piece orchestra behind her songs, you will agree that the very Spirit of the L-rd is present in the praises and worship behind the tracks on this release. You will be both refreshed and encouraged by "Humble Heart".

I have chosen three song samples that will exemplify the very heart of Alicia’s humble musical offering. Give a listen, and you will agree.

The first song sample is entitled "Shma! Shma!". The first of all commandments is beautifully portrayed in the majestic tribute to Shma Israel. This song will make you so glad that you believe in Yeshua. The catchy melodic line, along with the powerful production of this song will leave you wanting to lift your hands in praise and proclamation to the L-rd. Listen and you will see what I mean. The L-rd our G-d is one!

The second song pick is entitled, "O Yisrael". Based upon 1 John 4:9-10, reminds us of the love our Father and the ultimate atonement that Yeshua, His Son paid for us and our sins. The very heart of our faith is portrayed in this beautiful ballad. What a faith builder! It will bring real tears of joy to your eyes, and comfort to your yielding heart. This is one of my favorites on the CD.

The third and final song sample is entitled "Truly Sanctified", based upon 1st Thessalonians 5:23. What does the L-rd mean to you? Read this passage in the Bible, then listen to this song. You will raise your hands on high to the L-rd, worshipping Him. The chorus exclaims what we really should be feeling towards our L-rd, “So I sanctify my heart. And I sanctify my life. L-rd, I set myself apart for You… to be truly sanctified.” Many have asked us over the past few years about bringing forth worshipful CD’s. This one delivers the very heart of worship. Order you copy today! You won’t be disappointed.
- Phil Pearlman - Messianic


Humble Heart
Shabbat - A Taste of Heaven
The Mystery (Current Project)



Alicia Smith is a Spirit filled Messianic Jewish singer/songwriter with a love for G-d and sharing His Word and the music that He has blessed her with. Born Alicia Rivera on December 10, 1956 in San Jose, California, she learned to love music at an early age. Having been born without a right hip-socket due to a birth defect, Alicia's early years were difficult because of surgical corrections and arthritic pain. Due to physical limitations, Alicia was drawn to a form of expression that knew no such limitations: Music. Her gifting in this area brought much recognition, but as she states, “What is it all for?” After “wandering in the desert” for a season, the L-rd revealed Himself to Alicia in a profound way and called this Prodigal Daughter of Zion into an intimate relationship with her Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus) and to fulfill the calling of her Levitical heritage. She was now appointed to sing for the King.

Since that day in October of 1995, G-d has been “sitting as a refiner and purifier of silver” in her life and has poured out songs for His worship and praise numbering over 100. Alicia has been the Worship Leader at Temple Shalom Yisrael Messianic Jewish Congregation for five years and now through Humble Heart Ministries, shares teaching, testimony and the music which the L-rd has given her in churches, congregations and fellowships across the nation. Her heart’s desire is that all would come into a deep and intimate relationship with the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through the Hope of Israel, Messiah Yeshua and know the love that G-d has for His people.

Alicia has recorded two solo CD’s to date: “Humble Heart” and “Shabbat – A Taste of Heaven”. She is currently working on a third to be named: “The Mystery”. Alicia is also a CMP endorsed Christian Artist. For more information, visit: .