Alicia Ty

Alicia Ty


Alicia Ty brings an energy and country voice that keeps audiences electrified. She has a love for music that not only shows but glows in her performance from start to finish. She has captivated audiences of all ages and demographics and has a charming personality that just makes her approachable.


Alicia Ty is a country artist who brings a strong passion and energy performance to any venue. The main phrase that has been quoted about her is “What a powerful and controlled voice from such a young girl”.

When she performs on stage or in the studio she gives her all through her pleasing harmonic style and her natural ability to entertain that captivates audiences of all ages. She is at ease and takes control of her abilities with a pride and feeling in her music that not only can be heard but felt.

Alicia’s work ethics is based on her principles of training, devotion and learning something new each and every day. These principles are always noticeable in her performances and recordings. She is a perfectionist by nature and an entertainer by heart.

She has been described as a natural country entertainer with the look and the personality of someone you just want to know more about. She electrifies her space and draws others to her with a personality and maturity of a seasoned performer. Her new country style and energy keeps her fans just wanting more.

Once you are around her you will see exactly why she creates a buzz wherever she goes.


In production of her first CD single release for early fall of 2008 called "Long Gone"

Set List

Sets usually runs 25 to 30 minutes, covering country, blues, country rock and new bluegrass style.