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"Beat Lounge Bounces"

The energy was electric and buzzing with opportunity at the Silver Dollar Room last Thursday, May 7th as Toronto’s most prominent hip-hop producers displayed their work at the 7th semi-annual Beat Lounge.

Fourteen producers from all over the GTA ranged in age, race, religion, and experience, yet they all had the same ability to make the room move as they shared their latest musical creations.

The Vinyl-killer featuring Nora Tones spun classic old school records as producers, rappers, fans, and friends met for drinks.

“Rappers and musicians get the acknowledgement in hip-hop, while producers are stuck in the basement.” Host Justis explained the business. “The Beat Lounge is a chance for them to get out and showcase themselves and what they’ve got.” The Waterloo-born rapper/producer’s CD on sale at itunes, titled Just Is.

Ali Deheshi, the Iranian-born Muslim producer/rapper let his beat rock first. His powerful life story is touching, and inspires the music he makes. “Music is my expression.” He shared.

Deheshi and his family fled the war torn Iran to Turkey, and spent four years in Greece before being sponsored by a Christian church to move to Canada for education. He spent four years in Saskatchewan before coming to Toronto.

“If it wasn’t for Toronto, I wouldn’t be where I am today musically.” Thursday night was Deheshi’s last Beat Lounge before continuing his musical and life journey in Vancouver.

He announced the sale of his CD, “A Stereotypical World: a war story”, but by the end of the night he had handed almost everyone a free copy. It can be purchased at

All fourteen producers went through the line-up playing three beats each as the audience bobbed their heads in unison.

Producer Fraction has been coming to the Beat Lounge since it began a few years ago. Fraction, whose real name is Shawn, began producing eleven years ago, and has since worked with artists such as Akon, Saukrates. “I come to the Beat Lounge for networking, and it’s a great chance to show myself, and get my music out there.”

Producers shook hands and met afterwards. Many have already collaborated.

For any upcoming producers interested in participating in an event visit or email - By. Sam O'Connor


Stereo Typical World - A War Story (Album)



From the Caspian Sea and the mountains of Iran, Ali Dahesh began a childhood of adventures that set him apart from all his friends. Born in Tehran, his family left Iran when he was six years old due to rising violence in the region he still identifies as home. As the war progressed and violence left no mercy, Ali and his family had no choice but to journey to neighbouring Turkey and Greece, and then finally came to settle in Saskatchewan, Canada in January of 1992. While receiving a Bachelors of Science in Electronic Systems Engineering from the University of Regina, Ali uncovered a passion for music production and began expressing his art through the creation of beats. Not before long, he became the founder and chief operator of Deheshi Empire productions. Since moving to Toronto to pursue a career in music, Ali has been involved in numerous projects with a variety of artists, from instrumentalists to singers and poets, providing him with the opportunity to become a more versatile and comprehensive producer and lyricist.
Having grown up in a low income housing community catered to immigrants from all corners of the world, Ali’s beats were inspired by his cultural and childhood experiences. Hip Hop was very prominent and integrated in such multinational communities. Ali has a diverse set of friends from other countries making communications a challenge amongst them. Ali found that Hip Hop was a great avenue to close the gaps amongst these people from different backgrounds. To Ali music was and always will be the “universal language� a common entity shared by all living beings in this world.
In Toronto, Ali’s performance experiences began at the Ryerson Urban Hip Hop Union in September of 2006 where he introduced himself to the hip hop community and engaged in the opportunity to share his voice and his music. He traveled to the local city of Guelph, Ontario to perform at Cuba Vive presented by DJ D Boys featuring Kamau and Telmary. Ali also participated in an international festival to raise hip-hop awareness and education to the citizens of Havana, Cuba through the 4th Annual Lafabrik Simposio Festival in August of 2008.
Before leaving Toronto in May 2009, Ali revealed his newest beats at three live beat show casings between March and May of 2009. The release of his first album “Stereo Typical World – A War Story� in May 2009 is described as a powerful life story that inspires many who not only relate to hardship, but to those who are willing to feel the struggles through a journey expressed by powerful words. To those who know him, and to those who have only just met him, Ali expresses his soul-hearted strength through his soul productions. Through his recent residency in Vancouver, Ali hopes to continue working with his collaborators such as DJ D Boys, Antony of Egypt, Prince Armond, Tahirih, Aiden Adriana, Tewolde Issac, Telmary, Kamau, Nokz, Unknown Mizery, Spin, Logical Ethix, Famous, Junia T, CubanFriday, J Mizz, Colinout, KTS and many other talented artist locally and around the world. He hopes to continue collaborating with artists everywhere to increase awareness to stop world violence through the power of music.