Ali De Siati

Ali De Siati


Performer, singer & songwriter and TV presenter, Ali De Siati, has been involved with music since the very beginning. She’s been one of the faces of MTV. A classically trained guitarist and an exquisite rock singer.


Perhaps once in a generation does one encounter an artist as original, as powerful, as uncompromising and singularly inspiring as Ali De Siati. Not only a searingly potent singer and songwriter, Ali is a genuinely exceptional musician. Whatever the 'X' factor is, you'll hear it in the first ten seconds of her performance, running through her as it does like the blood in her veins.

A self confessed 'hot-blooded southern Italian woman' Ali is many things: singer, songwriter, guitarist, ex--MTV presenter, studio engineer. The common factors the passion, the commitment and the prodigiously successful execution of each.

“Consistency” in sense of fearless sincerity to the inner voice is a value that Ali prizes highly and the ability to capture and communicate it unites the diverse writers and musicians that inspire her: Joni Mitchell, Billie Holiday , PJ Harvey, U2, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Buckley, Alanis Morissette, Bonnie Raitt, Björk and Linda Perry.

Ali successfully rebels against the twin stereotypes of “very pretty female artists with not much to say and not very pretty women with a lot to say. Women's sexuality is beautiful but it has been made to compromise the message they have to give so that they can't speak their truth - Britney Spears could never sing a song by P.J. Harvey and vice versa. Whenever truth emerges from a woman's mouth there is always a 'Wow!' factor' Women should be able to be the beautiful creatures they are but at the same time tell their truth as it is.”

Aside from the sheer quality of her songwriting, sassy, melodic, sinuous and lyrically uncompromising as it is, one of the most attention-grabbing aspects of Ali's performance is undoubtedly that remarkable voice; a mercurial creature that can soar like a songbird and then growl like mountain lion in the merest heartbeat. Shifting effortlessly from the languid tranquility of 'Jamaica' to the aching entreaties of “Angels”, the stoic resolution of “Leave the Mess Behind” and the snarling, self-critical hiss-fest that is “I'm a bitch” there's an urgency and sheer force in its communication that defies you not to feel precisely as she does. Declaiming in the latter that she'd 'rather be whole than 'good'” she uses it to capture and speak to truths that lie in all of us.

Blessed as she is with such a unique complement of exquisitely expressive vocals, majestic, sensual stage presence, and songs by turns heart-tearingly beautiful, red-bloodedly vital and always utterly compelling, there can be no doubt that Ali De Siati is truly a global star in the ascendant.



Written By: A. De Siati

I've seen angels
Falling down from the sky
I've seen devils staring down in my heart

And hey, are you there?
Hey you up there..

I've seen kingdoms burning down to the ground
I've seen lovers turning cold
And growing old

And hey, are you there?
Hey, I know you're there..

'Cause if you are
Then why the hell is it so hard?
'Cause if you are
Then you must send a sign..

Give me a reason to believe...
A single reason to believe...
Just one reason to believe...

I've seen strangers holding hands
And giving all they had
I've heard silence
Telling all there is to know

And if you're there
Then why the hell is it so hard?
And if you're there
Then you must send a sign


Self-produced EP “Rather Whole than Good” available on ITUNES

Set List

The set is a mix of acoustic rock and powerful energy. Up to 45 mins worth of show. Ali on guitars, second guitarist, drummer and bass player. Very often - depending on logistics - the show is just acoustic duo, Ali + guitar player.
Set list as follows:

Get me some
Beyond the sky