Alien Christ

Alien Christ


Experimental rock, grungy guitars, cool vocals, influences: Sonic Youth, Mudhoney, Neu, kraut rock. Main songwriter is Matthew Bright, previously from Distant Locust and Krang. Alien Christ is a surviving remnant of Sydney's vibrant underground scene of the 80s/90s.


Sonically-driven, intense rock music with dark undertones, Sydney band Alien Christ’s music ventures across experimental rock, electronic, alternative and goth territories. Their music has been described as a “cross between Sonic Youth and Fur”; other comparisons have been Jesus and Mary Chain, Mudhoney, Suicide; and Mazzy Star, due to the beautifully cool vocals of Kym Blattner.

Alien Christ’s first EP (self-titled) featured spooky, jangly, trashy guitars with chunky electronic undertones. These songs possessed a wide range of dynamics and rythms, jumping and shifting from delicate acoustic chords to cataclysmic noise. The intensity which the band evoked within a rock song structure made for a fully-immersed listening experience.

On the LP, released in 2005, the band forged a strong rock sound from varied alternative sub-styles. A darkly chilled atmosphere pervades the whole CD. The music breathes with each new song as a real listening continuum, yet each song retains its individual vitality and structure. Shane Fahey’s production (Social Interiors, Makers of the Dead Travel Fast, Scattered Order) gives the record its spatial qualities and lingering afterglow.

Jas, Matt and Stu have each been defining new independent music for years. Distant Locust played with Christian Death in Florence; and with Laibach in Berlin. Jasmine toured major cities in the USA, playing in HISS, with support from DJ Spooky. Stu toured extensively in the USA with Viva Knievel, and with Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill.

Matt Bright continues under the name of Alien Christ with a new lineup, and is now recording a new album to be released by Endgame later in 2006.


Alien Christ (self-titled) EP END 002 (1999)
Alien Christ (self-titled) LP END 005 (2005)

Devil's Bride video: airplay on Rage, national Australian music video program

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