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September 2003
Still riding high with their dramatic approach to guitar-based, rock-soundtrack instrumentals, Alien Cowboys return in 2003 with Lift. Perhaps the quartet’s definitive statement on CD to date, the eleven track instrumental album mixes inspired originals with well chosen rock instro covers of The Beatles (“Hey Bulldog”), Hendrix (“Spanish Castle Magic”) and legendary U.K. producer Joe Meek (“Telstar”). Armed with a fresh batch of rocked-out guitar-based instrumentals, Alien Cowboys assemble a winning combination on LIFT. The first edition of the CD features a bonus DVD video of the lead-off track “Escape From ONLYON”. Aided by producer / engineer Bill Drescher, guitarists Ralph Perucci (lead guitar), Bruce Stevenson (rhythm guitar), Greg Jones (bass) and Ian Thomson (drums) keep the Alien Cowboys flag flying high with Lift. - 20th Century Guitar Magazine

The Alien Cowboys is an instrumental rock quartet on a mission to restore instrumental rock to the worldwide prominence the genre enjoyed in past decades. The band features Ralph Perucci on lead guitar, Bruce Stevenson on rhythm guitar, Greg Jones on bass and Ian Thomson on drums. All are San Francisco Bay Area inhabitants,except Ralph, who hails from Manhattan. Since its founding in 1997, the band has completed three full-length CD's of mostly original material. A fourth CD, LIFT, which many feel is the band's best effort to date, is now stunning instrumental fans worldwide. The new release has some awesome covers including "Telestar", The Beatles' "Hey, Bulldog", Jimi Hendrix' "Spanish Castle Magic" and a James Bond medley. All the songs have the signature Alien Cowboys "big guitar" treatment. The package comes with a bonus DVD featuring an animated video of the song "Escape From Onlyon", mixed in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround. Instrumental Guitar (Electric/Rock), total running time, 40:54. - Guitar Nine Records

February 2003
Returning after their critically acclaimed second album Analogtherapy, Alien Cowboys are back in saddle again with 2002: Other Space. Lead guitar ace Ralph Perucci and rhythm guitarist Bruce Stevenson once again team up with Ian Thomson (drums) and Greg Jones (bass) and the resulting album is quite enormous in scope. With it’s sky-wide jazz-rock groove, 2002: Other Space is an all around winner. Assisted by production and engineering experts Bill Drescher and Gary Cirimelli, Alien Cowboys make good on early promises and deliver the goods here. Packed tight with eleven high octane instrumental guitar jaunts that more often than not accentuates melody and atmosphere right up there with chops and musical might, 2002: Other Space moves along at a steady clip while never missing a groove or a beat. The group’s powerhouse instrumental rock reworking of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” would make George Harrison smile. - 20th Century Guitar Magazine

2002: Other Space is the third album from the Alien Cowboys, a twin-guitar band featuring Ralph Perucci and Bruce Stevenson. This is high-impact instrumental rock at it's best, with eleven driving numbers sure to get the body moving and the speakers rattling. 2002: Other Space includes a cover of George Harrison's classic "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", which is given the Alien's 'otherworldly' treatment, and turned into a signature cover. Fans of both melodic and ripping lead guitar will hear plenty here, as Perucci handles his axe with the skill of a veteran player. Another Alien Cowboys must-have release. - Guitar Nine Records

by Stephanie Sollow
Analogtherapy is the second release from Alien Cowboys. And while a few of the tracks follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, Alien Cowboys, the band's sound has undergone a slight change, where the arrangements are busier than before. Whereas on the debut Ralph Perucci's guitar served in the role of vocalist, here, more often than not, it is serving as a lead guitar. That is, rather than a melody line, it is soloing. The drums and percussion are more up front in the mix and in that, the percussion is a little brassier, a little more silvery, as in "Loco Motive," for example . . . -

November 2000
In the spirit of Steve Morse and The Dixie Dregs comes Alien Cowboys. Influenced by all shades of instrumental rock, from ‘50s rocker Duane Eddy to the modern hard rock of Joe Satriani, Alien Cowboys really rock the house on their second full length CD. Among his chief influences, the group’s guitar ace Ralph Perucci cites a number of guitar greats including Jeff Beck and early Larry Carlton. Together with Greg Jones (bass) Ian Thomson (drums) and Bruce Stevenson (rhythm guitar), Perucci adds a new twist to the guitar-based instrumental rock-jazz genre. So just how does the quartet describe their sound? According to rhythm guitar ace Bruce Stevenson,I kind of think of it as Jeff Beck doesThe Beatles. Most instrumental pieces are either jam-oriented because they’re blues or like Vai or Satriani they go off on soloing. I think where we’re different there is that we structure, at the songwriting end, a chart that’;s basically like a Beatles song. Y’know, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge is just that the lead guitar is doing the singing. We write songs as if the singer’s gonna sing them, but a guitar player sings them instead. The follow-up to the band’s earlier effort, Analogtherapy is an excellent introduction to an up-and-coming new band and is a solid spin for jazz-rockers of all ages. - Music Web Express

by Stephanie Sollow
You know those classic songs of the 70s from bands like the Allman Brothers? Songs where there's this really cool guitar riff being played at the end of the song (maybe the last 2 or 3 minutes of the piece)? Well, Alien Cowboys start from that point with "Empire Strikes Bach," which opens the album. It is as if you turned on the radio just as that riff was starting. This leads into a different groove with electric instrumental guitar rock, but it keeps returning to that riff. This kind of thing comes back in "Hospitality Suite," too . . . -

March 2000
This quartet composes and performs mainstream rock instrumentals--a proud tradition that stretches all the way back to the 50s. Lead guitarist Ralph Perucci sounds more like Joe Satriani than Duane Eddy, but he taps into the genre’s concepts of taste, tone, and melody, and all of his original tunes are hummable and compelling. The mid-tempo Unsung, for example, is an ideal theme song for some prime-time drama. It’s so visually suggestive you can almost see the credits rolling alongside the faces of likable characters. Alien Cowboys offers all the hallmarks of modern-era guitar anthems--the ultra-saturated tone, the opera-diva vibrato, the layered parts, the endless sustain--but Perucci’s distinctive voice always come s thorough,. He is a ferocious improviser who draws upon several influences--particularly Jeff Beck and early Larry Carlton--and his solos are nervy, high-wire displays of rip-and-roar. Yes these excursions are typically concise, rarely detour from the melodic theme for long, and never lapse into self-indulgence. Perucci plays a Fishman-powered Gibson flat-top on ‘East West’ and a sweet-sounding PRS (through various hot-rodded Fender amps) on all the other tracks. Alien Cowboys offers fine ensemble work, tight arrangements, and wall-to-wall guitar. - Guitar Player Magazine

'If you love guitar instrumental rock you will absolutely love this cd. The Alien Cowboys blend loud, hard driven guitar licks with taste and lyricism. Their melodies are wonderful. Not a bad cut on this cd. Especially noteworthy are the Hendrixian "Liquid Haze" and The Beatles medley entitled "Fab Formula." This band is one of the best and are a real bonus for instrumental rock. Bravo!'
- iTunes


A band primarily known for their adventurous guitar based instrumental albums, Alien Cowboys returned in 2008 with Words, a rock vocal album that keeps their musical standards high while breaking new ground. In better times, instrumental rock albums were considered a bold statement but these days are different and even the guitar-centric Alien Cowboys have something to say about living through these turbulent times. Guitarists Ralph Perucci (lead) and Bruce Stevenson (rhythm) share the vocal spotlight with solid support from Hugh Mason (vocals, bass) and drummer Ian Thomson keeping his famous beat steady. Anyone doubting the ability of an instrumental rock band to make a socially relevant and totally kick-ass CD filled with cool melodic hooks and adventurous production should give Alien Cowboys a good listen. Words will have you scratching you head thinking why didn't these guys try this kind of sound on disc earlier?

- Music Web Express


1 Alien Cowboys
2 Analogtherapy
3 2002 Other Space
5 Zero Gravity
6 Build A Bridge EP



When most people hear of a bandnamed "AlienCowboys",their first thoughts are of
Stetson hats, big rodeo belt buckles, snake-skin boots and maybe a little "Area 51"thrown in for good measure. But fans of this San Francisco-based rock band know differently!
Featuring lead guitarist Ralph Perucci, drummer Ian Thomson, rhythm guitarist Bruce Stevenson, and newest member Rick Laub on bass, the aLIEN cOWBOYS have been
playing kick-ass original music for over twelve years, crafting their songs from many different genres. Early CD's featured soaring instrumentals ala Joe Satriani or Dixie
Dregs with Perucci demonstrating his amazing virtuosity centered around the hard driving rhythm section. But, guess what? These guys have voices, too!
In 2008, the band released their first "vocal" CD. Entitled "WORdS", it features
everything you'd want in a classic pop-rock album ... great hooks, catchy melodies and timely lyrics, all packaged nicely by producer Bill Drescher. The album shows just how a
great band can re-invent itself and still have something to say. And say in a big way! New
music is being written and recorded for a CD to be released at the end of 2009 and extended performance dates are just around the corner, not that the band has been inactive
If you happened to be in Germany a few years ago, you may have caught the guy's at POPKOMM in Berlin or at MIPA in Frankfurt. In the Bay Area, you may have seen them opening for ZZ Top at Konocti Harbor or Dave Meneketti (Y&T) at San Jose's "Music in the Park". They have also shared the stage with local favorites Tommy Castro and Ronnie Montrose and the list goes on ...
For more detailed information about the band, including booking and performance