Guitarist Denis Taaffe

Guitarist Denis Taaffe

 Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Guitarist Denis Taaffe, has created a unique approach to guitar.He uses regular guitar and guitar loops done on the fly to create unique instrumental multi layered compositions that like his guitar sounds, defy description.He is definitely one of a kind!!!


 Guitarist Denis Taaffe (pronounced tayf) based out of Bloomington, IN has created a unique style which is truly a revolution in conventional music and instrumental guitar. He has been playing guitar for many years and has reached a level that few ever reach and has had the good fortune to develop a unique style which he has been perfecting for several years. By using regular guitar and guitar loops done on the fly to create unusual layered instrumental guitar compositions, he has created a revolution in his approach to music and instrumental guitar. Denis not only improvises during his compositions, but improvises the compositions as well on the spot.. As 20th century guitar magazine stated in a review of his 4th CD:

“Denis remains at the cutting edge of improvisational guitar”-Robert Silverstein, 20th century guitar magazine, April, 2004

Denis has endorsements with Elixir strings, Seymour Duncan Pickups, Kradl guitar picks and Boomerang pedal boards. He has released four independent CD’s, the last three of which have been considered for a Grammy award by NARAS in several categories including Best instrumental performance and best instrumental composition. Denis also writes a monthly instructional column for Musicians Hotline Magazine, a national magazine which appears in print as well as on the World Wide Web. He has been writing the column for three years so far He also plays concerts throughout the Midwest. Denis has a strong following locally, online and is known among guitar circles. Denis appeared in his first national feature in the July, 2004 issue of 20th Century guitar Magazine. He is continuing to develop his unique musical style with the release of his Modern Rock guitar series of CD' date,denis has completed and released 210 albums since his debut in 1999.


full length Albums
Modern Rock guitar vol.1 'Abducted by Aliens' -

modern rock guitar vol.2 'Alien Guitar'

Modern Rock Guitar vol. 3

Modern Guitar vol.4 "An Evening With Guitarist Denis Taaffe"-

Modern Rock guitar vol. 5 '2 Worlds' (live double CD)-

modern rock guitar vol.6 ICE -

other recordings
ax-vacation compilation CD
songs of the big list compilation CD
songs of the big lsit 203 compilation CD

Set List

Denis improvises all the material he plays live on the spot. He not only improvises during the song he imrprovises th sogn as well. no covers, all original. Denis can play short shows or a long 4 hour set non stop with no breaks. His style varies depedning on venue from a rock style that is band like and also a quieter more coffehouse solo style with minnimal distorted guitar.