aliesa nicole

aliesa nicole

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

A vibrant sexy young artist who entices both men and women with her electric lyrics and elegant sex appeal. Aliesa Nicole is blowing up the Midwest as the next Bad Girl of Hip Hop and R&B.


Aliesa Nicole is an R&B singer based in Milwaukee, WI who got her start performing in church, until lucking upon the opportunity to become the premiere artist for Trak Runnaz Music Productions LLC. There she quickly became a household name in the Midwest upon the release of her mixtape “#Suchafockinlady”, and the singles “Jump Ship” and “Back Up Chick.”


Nicole is proving that she’s 2011’s new R&B Princess with the
launch of her hit music video ‘Back Up Chick’ -a hot female anthem!”

(Milwaukee, WI) Gearing up to bring in
the New Year with a bang, Trak Runnaz Music Productions LLC launched
their new music video “Back Up Chick” –a hit single from
R&B songstress Aliesa Nicole featuring Arab SODMG from Soulja Boy’s
camp and a cameo by national recording artist Talent Couture.

Not since TLC’s “Scrubs”, Destiny Child’s “Independent Women”, or
Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, has there been a song with the same gusto
to ignite a movement of independence in women around the world.

At the helm of this audacious masterpiece
is the Beauty and her Beatmaker, Aliesa Nicole, and Fred “Traxx”
Sanders- a duo whose collaborative efforts have developed into an
ingenious venture entitled “#Suchafockinlady", a highly acclaimed
mixtape which delivered the world "Back Up Chick", the second single
off of the compilation.

With "Back Up Chick’s" quick
witted lyrics, head knocking production and a copious diet of saying
“Hell No” to playing the role of some man’s side chick, the video and
the song are heating up the urban and social media charts to a unanimous
applause, garnering Aliesa Nicole the title of being one of the "next
to blow" as a national artist.

Aliesa Nicole is ready to take the new
year by storm with an onslaught of new singles, and a full album due out
by the end of summer. This is only the beginning for this rising star
who is already proving that even with a sound reminiscent of a Keri
Hilson or a Beyonce’, she is truly holding her own as being the very
first Aliesa Nicole.

Be sure to check out her new music video “Back Up Chick” on youtube
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