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A crowd pleasing blend of head-bobbing beats, infectious rhymes and a heaping dose of melody!



-May 2003- opened for Spearhead and Tre Hardison of The Pharcyde @ Suny New Paltz (New Paltz, NY)
-June 2003- opened for Arrested Development @ The Downtown (Farmingdale, NY)
-July 2003- opened for Psychopathic Records recording artists Zug Island @ Don Hills (New York, NY)
-May 2004- opened for E-Town Concrete @ The Downtown (Farmingdale, NY)
-June 2005- performed at the Millennium Music Festival in Harrisburgh, PA
-July/August 2005- embarked on US tour in support of album, played in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey
-September 2005- played hometown record release party, 300+ attended

-December 2001- first place in Five Towns College Battle of the Bands
-October 2003- shot music video for "If You Wanna"
-April 2004- finalists in GetMPK.com's "Winter AMP Search"


"Stage Ain't Big Enough" LP

1. Keynote Speech
2. On the Line
3. It's On Tonight
4. She Knows
5. Get 'Em a Body Bag (At the Spot)
6. Escape
7. No Thanks, No Time
8. Doittoya
9. Legends Of...
10. Angels Stay Up
11. Brighter Days
12. Fail To Fly
13. Closing Argument

Self-Titled EP

1. Let the Record Spin
2. Left Right Center
3. Like This
4. If You Wanna...
5. She's Got Me
6. The Blues

Set List

The length and structure of a typical A-Life set depends on the situation on that particular night. When we are allowed an evening to ourselves, with no other acts performing, we'll usually play two 6-8 song sets (originals and covers), sometimes with a guest DJ spinning records in between. Here's an example from a recent performance:

Set list from Duke's- 6/11/04

Set 1
1. Right Now (Van Halen)
2. Boom Shock
3. Left Right Center
4. It's On Tonight
5. Risky Business
6. She's Got Me

Intermission: D-Rock spins

Set 2
1. Like This
2. Do It to Ya
3. Ain't Nothin' but a G Thang (Snoop Dogg)
4. Angels Stay Up
5. Let The Record Spin
6. The Blues
*Encore- C-Sharp Funk Jam

If we are performing with other groups, we'll most likely play one 6-8 song set of originals, given the time allotted.