A Life Away

A Life Away


We're good ole Memphis rock n roll, with a bit of a metal and punk twist. We're catchy choruses, heavy breakdowns, long hair, and beer.


Stars are an interesting phenomenon. Light years away, one may explode in a fit of helium fusion, erupting in a splendor of energy so intense that the effects can be seen eons away. In like manner, A Life Away radiates an energy as vehement and pronounced as a supernova. But there is one key difference: Supernovae are short-lived.

This explosion consists of Daniel Zaragoza (better known as Sketch), 23, on bass guitar, Eric Ashe, 22, on guitar and backing vocals, drummer Matt McClain, 22, and front man Gary Segars, 23, as the singer. The story of the conception and development of this band is symbolic of the popular 17th Century Panglossian philosophy, “Everything happens for a reason.” After getting kicked out of his apartment in Sacramento, California, Sketch moved to Hernando, Mississippi to live with his mother. Upon arrival, Sketch met drummer Matt, who moved to Memphis from Newport News, Virginia. After a few jam sessions, Matt picked up guitarist Eric who he knew from working at Hot Topic. The three wrote a few songs, but needed a singer to complete the group. Segars was in several bands prior to his audition with the band, namely Every Passing Second and The Fairwell. Both of these bands did not reach the goals Segars had, namely due to member conflicts and a lack of dedication from said members. Just when Segars was losing hope in music, he got a call from Matt. Influences were discussed from the outset (Sevendust, Pantera, Lostprophets, 36 Crazyfists). The band had already auditioned several singers, but when Gary grabbed a mic and ran around singing and screaming whatever lyrics came into his head, jumping, just radiating energy, they knew he was the man they needed.

“There’s a lot more to being a singer than actually singing,” said Segars in an interview with the Commercial Appeal. “You’ve got to be a front man, somebody that can grab an audience by the throat and hold them until the very end of the show.” This is a man who practices what he preaches. Averaging over 400 people in attendance per show, sharing the stage with Breaking Benjamin, City Sleeps, 10 Years, Egypt Central, and many more, and having sold over 1,000 copies of their two independently released E.Ps in just over a year, they seem to be doing a pretty good job of keeping an audience interested in what they have to say.

Between sprained ankles, scars, blisters, and the occasional on-stage collision, these guys still manage to pack a full punch with every performance and with every song. Don’t believe me? Come to a show. You’ll dance, you’ll jump, you’ll scream. And more importantly, you’ll want to come back. Music is a drug, and these guys are the needles. Tie your arm and find a vein, because it’s coming in. And this trip doesn’t end.


Kill This

Written By: Gary Segars

There's no room in my brain
for these things
another fuck up
one more reason to blame
another fucked up judgement call
to make amends
on this love that you've deemed a sin
one more chance
another circumstance
one more reason
to kill this crush

was never good enough
and what you thought you felt
was never real

it's always the same
with you and me
it's just one more reason
for us not to be
sleeping next to your packed bags
is getting old
it's your last chance
to finally make a stand
something better's
waiting for me

(what you thought you felt was never real one time)
(and what you thought you felt was never real again)
(what you thought you felt was never real)

hear me
can you hear me screaming?

Silence Is...

Written By: Gary Segars / Matt McLaine

Dear God, please hear me out
I never learned from my mistakes
now everything's gone wrong and I don't know how
my sunny skies always turn to rain
(it's all the same)

sit back
and close your eyes
this is
the kiss goodbye

is a sign
good things
will come in time

when the world becomes swallowed
with waves so high they touch the sky
all that's left is this inside
silence is the end of dreams
(can you hear me?)

Chyna's Ashes

Written By: Gary Segars

Just the thought
of something
that you might get was enough
for you
to let go
of all you knew

you gave
me hope
that's something I can't thank you enough for
but you came
and destroyed
everything we worked for

if I was never good enough for you
why stay here?
(that's why I stayed!)
if I was never good enough for you

not at all
an illusion
you built your dreams
from confusion
still you
hold on
to what's not true

you gave
me hope
that's something I can't thank you enough for
but you came
and destroyed
everything we worked for

if I was never good enough for you
why stay here?
(that's why I stayed!)
if I was never good enough for you

you better pray
you better pray
to whatever fucking God that you claim


These Novelties (released March 21st, 2006) - 5 song E.P.
From Everything (released April 9th, 2005) - 7 song E.P.
"Kill This" - currently getting regular spins on 93X WMFS
"Silence Is" - currently getting regular spins on 93X WMFS
"Cloud 8" - first single played on 93X WMFS (From Everything E.P.)

Set List

These Novelties
Say Bye as Hope Dies
Cloud 8
13 Minutes
What They Need to Hear
Silence Is
Kill This
Getting Past Before
Chyna's Ashes

it's an EXTREME rarity if we do covers...although we have been goofing off onstage sometimes and have busted into anything from Pantera to Michael Jackson.