A Life Committed

A Life Committed

 Zolfo Springs, Florida, USA

Darte Ahlbrandt


"One Hit Wonder" is something that some bands strive for. The hope that one song may hit the top of the charts and then they're set for life. On the other hand their are others who strive for greatness.
Florida based act A LIFE COMMITTED is doing just that. Their goals are above the normal band. Striving to be the best they can be, writing hit song after hit song isn't just their mind set, its their life. Guitar/Vocalist,Darte Ahlbrandt and Piano/Guitarist,Anthony Alvarez came together in the earlier months of 2011 with one thing on their minds. We can go to college or we can play music full time. Guess which one they picked....
Coming from former bands who have opened for Flyleaf,Since October,Burden of a day and Maylene and the sons of disaster, these boys have plenty of experience in performing and leading an audience.
With 4 tours under their belts they have already started to make a name for them selves and they have no plans on slowing down anytime soon.
Although business minded, they have no problem letting you know that God is the center of everything they do. "Yes we want to make a career out of this but there is much more to it. We want people to know what God has done in our lives. We want people to know that whether they believe it or not their is a real God who loves us all in a very real way. We respect everyone for who they are and all we ask is the same respect in return," says Ahlbrandt.
Through catchy melodies,a great work ethic, persistence and faith, this
is a band to lookout for in 2011 and the years to come.


"Love Like Yours" (E.P.) 2011

Set List

3-6 songs depending on the venue.
All songs are 3:10min or longer