A Life More Acceptable(ALMA)

A Life More Acceptable(ALMA)

 Aurora, Illinois, USA

High energy on the rise Band from Aurora IL. All Original with some Nirvana & Stained covers .Demographics 17 to 35 years. Consistantly adding fans ...3 song EP well recieved.Featured on PBS TV. Have over 21k song plays internet radio worldwide in 3 monthes. Must see in person to really feel energy.


A Life More Acceptable, ALMA for short is a band that has endured line up changes and challenges over the 5 years of it's exsistence. The core of the band has always remained strong. A true passion for the songs they play and for their fans. Every member of the band can play each instrument so the writing and arranging are superior to the final outcome.

(Brian Olsen--- Lead vocals/guitar)
Brian has written most of the songs. He is the brains of the outfit and the captain of the ship. Talking to him one on one you find him,soft spoken and very relaxed. The transformation on stage to this hard rocking gravel voice.certainly shows the contrast of his desire. His approach to song writing is telling a real story of events in his life and the care he has for mankind.

( Dan Battista --Drums/vocals)
Dan has been with ALMA from the start. This passionate musician fields the drumming duties.His style, a unique combo of Jon Bonham,David Grohl,and Phil Collins, puts the beat exclaimation point on every song. He is quite a showman and just swells with professionalism.

(Robb Leu-- Bassist)
The newest member of ALMA Robb is an accompished musician with a strong stage background which includes 2007 E3 Conference HALO theme appearance.also rolling out appearances on MTV ,G4 and Spike TV .Adding 5 string bass to the ALMA mix really fills in the libarary.He has the expierence and the drive to the band to the next level.

(Kyle Holland-- Lead guitarist and vocals)
Kyle's style and hot riff ablilty adds the unique alternative sound that creates the energy.He is Mr Business and takes his role very seriuosly.

With over 50 years of combined stage and studio expierence the band climbs up one more step with each passing year. Still silently growing a diverse fanbase and enjoying what they are doing.


Torn at the Seam

Written By: Olsen

eye on the time, watch in cease
breaking the stones with your fear
Why do I hide when know one cares
carving a cross on your kness for him

Be pateint ( I will last)
Despite this world
Falling Down ( I will last )
Continuing our ways

Facing the quakes let them see
tearing the ground at the seam
let the sea take what is hers
what have we done we plea

Be patient ( I will Last )
Despite the world
Falling Down( I will last)
Contining our ways

Lights will find you
I will suffer
Lights will find you
I will suffer

Falling Down

The Others

Written By: Olsen

I hate that you have me , I hate your voice
The reasons surrounding, LIke I had a choice
If I cut out your Heart, Would you even feel
Its everything and nothing,thats been said
Just tell me this
Am I your steppin stone
the place where the other go
Or Am I alone

So tell what am I supposed to do
And Tell what I am supposed to be
Its not your fault
Its not your Fault

I hate myself solely and you have tried
to think you have broken all of my pride
Ill figure you out when realites heals
Just tell me this
Am I your steppin stone
the place where the other go
Or Am I alone


Written By: Olsen

The writngs on the wall says
its a little obvious
But brother can see through
Your sending us on your righteous path
But never will you find yours
Brother dont you know its such a selfish world
never did I say you right or wrong
cant you get this through your flippin head
the chains the weigh and pull you down
Never did I say where you came from
Take me Home

Your selling us all out
to save yourself
But brother I can help you out
I found a Ilfe in your words
but never would let you burn

Take me home


Torn at the Seam Single
EP Alma Live and Local
The Others Single
Brother Single
2011 EP release ALMA 3 song EP

Set List

Set list changes depending on crowd particpation-
Intro (New Ends)
Manteno 1 & 2
The Others
Cover Song(s)
Empty Room
Cover Song (s)
Illusive Angel
For You
Torn at the Seam
Encore Nirvana + Medely