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"WHERE THE PUNKS MEET THE GODFATHER In Triad’s “here today, gone later today” music scene... Burley Hayes and the Somewhere Else Tavern have withstood the test of time"

last band tonight is a Light Divided. The only band on the bill I’d
seen before, they’re also the only one with a female singer.

lot of our fanbase is out of the Tavern and the Soundvent [in
Thomasville],” says guitarist Eric Humiston in a pre-show interview.
“The Tavern plays a big part in the scene. Any band based in
Greensboro, Winston-Salem or High Point has played here.” A Light
Divided came together in July 2007 when guitarist James Lewis and
singer Jaycee Clark from Graveyard Heart joined forces with Adam Smith,
then playing drums in Travesty.

“Adam was just hanging out at
the Graveyard Heart practice space and he mentioned jamming together,”
says Lewis. “I like Jaycee as a singer and frontperson so I asked her
to come with me when we formed a Light Divided.”

Humiston and
bassist Mike Underwood joined the band this fall. Ironically, neither
of the two former members of Porno Red realized that the other had
contacted A Light Divided looking for a position.

“I felt I
could bring more to the music than the other bass player,” says
Underwood. “It was cool how it all fell together,” says Humiston.

goal is to make music we’d be fans of if we weren’t in the band,” says
Smith. Clark writes most of the lyrics and the rest of the band writes
the music. Lewis says his biggest songwriting influence is Johnny Cash,
reminding me of Disstemper’s secret Glen Campbell obsession.

was really pissed off when I wrote the lyrics for our first CD [This
year’s Before the Fall],” says Clark. “I’d just been in a car

the band lists their influences as Killswitch Engage, Flyleaf and the
Deftones, I hear more old-school influences in their 45 minute set, at
least to my raised-on-Iron- Maiden ears. I’m not a regular imbiber of
new metal, but even after five hours of nearcontinuous exposure, I’m
not bored. Metal rises or falls on its visceral power and the bands’
bond with their audience, and I find it easy to lose myself in the
all-encompassing roar. With its walls lined with vintage guitars and
memories, Hayes hopes to create a non-profit foundation to keep the
Tavern going after he’s gone. “This club is about the music, not the
dollar bill,” says Hayes. “It’s like a kid comes to the club for two
years, and then he comes up and asks if he can play and you find out
he’s an artist. Everybody is somebody here; it’s not about being a
star. “I’m very fortunate that God has given me the keys to the
spaceship.” - YES! Weekly


A Light Divided - $1 Demo (3 songs - 2007)
A Light Divided - Before The Fall (LP - 2008)
A Light Divided - $1 Demo 2 (2 songs - 2009)
A Light Divided - TBA (LP - Late 2009/Early 2010)



Combining elements from Metal and Hardcore all the way to Pop and Punk. A Light Divided is a genre-smashing band from Winston-Salem, NC. Made up of two groups of long time friends and local musicians - Guitarists - James Lewis and Eric Humiston, Drummer - Adam Smith, and Bassist - Mike Underwood , and with the addition of New Jersey native and Vocalist Jaycee Clark,
A Light Divided seeks to redefine the term "post-hardcore" and prove that having a female rock vocalist isn't just a gimmick.

Having played more than 100 shows in their first year and a half and still supporting their April 2008 debut full length release "BEFORE THE FALL". A Light Divided is quickly becoming a name everyone knows. Their loyal fan base continues to expand with each high energy performance. While most bands are withdrawing due to economic concerns,
A Light Divided continues to expand into new areas and with a support tour for "BEFORE THE FALL" being eyed for 2009, they are looking to expand their fan base to new heights and regions.