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Alih Jey


Singer, songwriter, Alih Jey is proud to add Latin Grammy nominee to her resume. She is the first Dominican artist ever to be nominated in the category of Best Rock Solo Vocal Album and the only independent record in this category. The future is bright for this rising young bilingual artist.


Singer, songwriter, and musical powerhouse Alih Jey is very excited and proud to add a Latin Grammy nomination to her long list of musical achievements.

Her recently released independent EP “Necia,” a high-octane 6-song mini-compilation of material written over the past two years was nominated for Best Rock Solo Vocal Album for the 9th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards in Houston, Texas. "It's amazing," exclaims Alih, “Necia” was a leap of faith. It was my first project completely on my own, it came from the heart, I just did what I felt. It came naturally, and for it to be recognized this way is such an incredible reward."

With “Necia,” Alih Jey stands on fresh ground in more ways than one; she was the first Dominican artist ever to be nominated in this category, as well as the only independent record in the category for that year.

The short but densely packed album is a delicious sampling of bright pop-rock at its best, and serves as a multifaceted showcase of Alih Jey's colorful persona. At times the music is playful, at times vulnerable, at times reflective, and at times a little sly. This album plays like an open book. It is thoroughly self-expressive yet fully embraceable. "The idea was to be very free and let each song have its own world, its own personality– its own space."

Alih started out at 3 years old performing and traveling with her well-known musician parents and sisters in her native Dominican Republic. "It was like a Dominican version of The Partridge Family.” She began writing songs at an early age and at 14 she co-hosted a popular children's TV show with her older sister. Her local fame generated some ugly vibes at the all-girl catholic school she attended. Her song "Deal with It" was a kind of response to the catty wiles of her schoolmates.

Over the next two years, she wrote hundreds more songs. "It was like breathing, it just flowed out of me," Alih says. One of these songs, "It's Ok", caught the attention of well-known music producer Jorge Taveras, an unexpected chance occurrence when the long-time family friend came over to visit one day. He was so impressed with the talented young musician that he immediately sent a demo to Universal Music Latino in Miami, where she was quickly signed. The family packed their bags for Miami. "It's Ok" went on to climb the Billboard charts. She has since become a widely sought songwriter for countless projects, from translating Robbie Williams' “Angels" for the opening of the 2004 Latin Grammy ceremony, to collaborating on Ines Gaviria's debut album "A Mi Manera," nominated for Latin Grammy for Best New Artist in 2006. Other career highlights include winning the iTunes Jukebox Jury, held at the South by Southwest Music Conference in Austin, Texas for co-writing Bletzung's single "Only End up Lonely," and opening for international Latin pop star Paulina Rubio on her US Tour "Pau-Latina" in May 2005. In addition, Alih has placed songs on albums by recognized artists such as, Janina “Ya No Mas” (Universal Latino) , Ednita Nazario “Real” (Sony BMG), and Rogelio Martinez “Dos en Uno”, whose cover of Alih's song "It's Ok" reached #16 on the Billboard Charts.

Alih recorded two albums for Universal including her self titled debut "Alih Jey," and 2004's "Gotas de Piel" – named Best Album by a singer/songwriter by Boom Magazine – before severing ties and making the bold decision to go out on her own. "I love the people at Universal, but this business is tough and I was signed so young, and as I matured as a person and artist I wanted the creative freedom to explore new paths." "Necia" is completely self-financed, self-written, self-played, self-created, and co-produced by Grammy winner Orlando Vitto (Rabanes, Monterosa). "Vitto brought so much to this album. It's been so great working together, making this baby, it's been… phantasmagorical." The title for the album came at the end of recording when a friend commented to her that she was stubborn. She thought "Perfect, that's the title," because while she wouldn't agree that she was stubborn back then, she made a conscious decision at that moment to be that way from now on.

The future is very bright for this rising young bi-lingual artist. She recently kicked off her U.S. college tour at Columbia University, has been selected to perform at the 2009 Cassandra Awards in the Dominican Republic and her single “Ingrata” reached #2 on the Dominican Republic’s rock station La X102. All in all, “Necia” brings everything together for Alih Jey; a defining moment in her life, opening up to endless possibilities for the future. "It's all about the music", smiles Alih. The music, which is very much like its sweet-natured creator: bright, innovative, winsome, distinctive yet accessible, forward-minded yet uncorrupted, and most of all, spontaneous.

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Necia (2007)
Gotas de Piel (2004)
Alih Jey (2001)

Single - Ingrata (2008 airplay)
Single - It's Ok (2001 Billboard Top 40)

Set List

Fall on my sword
I Fall
Muñequita Tuya
Vino en Tu Bar
No Te Encuentro
Soledad Esclava
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