Ali Khattab

Ali Khattab

 Madrid, Madrid, ESP


Born in Cairo in 1977, Ali Khattab started learning to play the guitar from age eleven, but his real drive and almost obsession with the instrument started after his discovery of flamenco two years later.
A journey he undertook at the age of twenty took him to Jerez de la Frontera, where he met influential guitarists, singers, hand-clappers and dancers who introduced him to the real world of flamenco.
Inspired by actual and medieval Andalusian music, Ali made his first venture into composing, creating a new path where Oriental music meets Flamenco.

Theyve said about Ali Khattabs music:

A work in which, perhaps for the first time we can talk about fusion, not juxtaposition between these two music styles - arabic and flamenco -, because fusion occurs naturally in individuals, here in the person named Ali Khattab. Juan Vergillos. Diario de Sevilla (Spain)

A beautiful disc that flies over the memory of the great Pacheco. Nuria Barrios, El Pas (Spain)

The real flamenco sound produced from an Egyptian guitarist. Nassir Shamma (Iraq)

Combining the true sound of flamenco with the middle eastern technique of playing.
Omar Bashir (Iraq)

Ali Khattabs guitar playing and ideas reflect the true Egyptian school. Abdu Dagher (Egypt)


Al Zarqa (October 2010)

Set List

Original music composed by Ali Khattab