Aline Morales Band

Aline Morales Band

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Led by Brazilian-born singer, percussionist and composer Aline Morales, the Aline Morales Band plays lively and melodic folk music from northeastern Brazil (forro, coco, afoxe) with a modern twist. The music is rootsy, upbeat and gets people moving.


Originally from Belo Horizonte Brazil, Aline Morales distinguished herself as an exceptional singer, instrumentalist, and dancer before transplanting her talents to Canada in 2002.

The Aline Morales Band is this versatile musician’s most innovative project and combines her diverse influences, including rootsy traditional folk styles (forro, coco, afoxe) with a taste of samba, reggae and dub grooves. In the short time since its inception, the Aline Morales Band has made a splash on the Toronto music scene, earning featured spots at festivals such as the Art of Jazz and Ritmo Y Color and opening for international acts such as Sergio Mendes. In December of 2008, Aline was voted one of the 2009 “Artists to watch” by Exclaim magazine and the band’s much-anticipated debut album is scheduled for 2009 release.


Debut album - in production (2009 release) - independent

2 songs currently in rotation on CBC radio 1:
1. Pra Que Sambar (Aline Morales, composer)
2. Sebastiana (cover)
Both songs were recorded live in the Glenn Gould Studio as part of CBC's Sounds of the Season concert.

Set List

Typical set list includes approximately half original songs and half covers and modern arrangements of traditional songs. All lyrics are in Portuguese.

Typical set can be anywhere from .5 hr to 1.5 hrs. Covers include songs by: Jackson do Pandeiro, Gilberto Gil, Mestre Ambrosio, Comadre Fulozinha