Alisa Ohri

Alisa Ohri

 New York City, New York, USA

Today's economy forces you to re-evaluate life's necessities. Alisa Ohri's CD,"Cuz I Feel", is necessary! ...for your ears, for your heart, for your soul! Download this CD to your iPod! This'll be your soundtrack as you face your dreams and say: "Yes!"


Every human spirit is eclectic, unique, and colorful. Alisa Ohri delivers a self-penned song book about what it feels like to be human. Her refreshing blend of R&B, Soul, and Jazz is as necessary as air! Alisa’s tone is rich, haunting, and uplifting. When you breathe in her voice and her lyrics, you’ll feel like she wrote about you. She’ll have you laughing and just-plain-celebrating being ordinary!

What better place to experience life than in Manhattan? Based in New York City …a place where ordinary folks come to work out extraordinary dreams, Alisa thrives upon being a full-time musician! When asked to explain… “You see, it’s like belonging to this incredible club! It’s not exclusive in any way! In fact your only requirement is to say ‘yes’ to your dreams. This crazy recognition thing happens when you bump into fellow New York City artists. You get this kind of glint in your eyes. You give each other that nod of understanding … and you silently say to each other: ‘We’re doing it! We’re really doing it!’ And then you smile and say: ‘Have a great gig!’”

Regardless of the musical situation, Alisa Ohri never misses the chance to deliver. Whether she’s in a Rock group with Stephan Jenkins (Third Eye Blind), opening up for Roy Ayers, collaborating with world renowned R&B/Funk bassist Hubert Eaves IV , writing and singing a Wendy’s Jingle, or “settin’ New York City’s Zinc Bar on fire” with much-acclaimed Jazz Guitarist Ron Affif, - Alisa Ohri delivers her vocals with a punch that leaves you asking for more! Called by some the Millennium’s answer to Sade and Roberta Flack with sass - spiced up with the retro nostalgia of Ella Fitzgerald - Alisa’s vocal knock out to the soul just plain feels good!


Could It Be

Written By: Alisa Ohri/Hubert Eaves IV

Verse 1
Hearts are burnin’
In misery
Hearts are burnin’
For lack of company

My heart is aching’
Oh what to do
My disappointment is through and through

Could it be
Love is broken
Could it be
That pain unspoken (for so long)
Has turned into - a mere token
Of what could be
Could it be x2
(Could it be x3)

Walkin’ streets in bitter fear
Of strangers catchin’
My errant tears

I force a smile
Behind dark glasses
Knowing fully well
This emotion clashes


Oh - I’m dyin’ here
Oh - I’ve re-a-lized my fears -
I don’t - want these tears
How sad - a loving soul in pain is clear

Chorus -- outro

Cuz I Feel

Written By: Alisa Ohri/Hubert Eaves IV

Cuz I Feel - Alisa Ohri / Hubert Eaves IV

Verse 1:
I’m just an ordinary girl
That’s what I’ve been told
Don't act up - don't be too bold
I got a little job - but ya know my boss is a bitch
My shift starts at 8, I hope she’ll let me switch
I want a new career - but I’m stuck in a ditch
My ordinary life is OK
Oh - but dreamin's what I miss

Cuz I feel -like a little girl - first time so in love with it
Cuz I feel- a little anger - sometimes don't know how to quit it
Cuz I feel - lotta pain - from the world - don't wanna deal with it
Cuz what I feel is real - and it's all that I know

My hair is long, and it’s short - don't cha know how we do
I hope I got enough money for the movies too
Got a gym membership, but I never ever go
I gotta catch up with life - but my ordinary feet are just too damn slow
I wanna catch up with life- but ordinary feet got me stuck in a whole


Sometimes I can’t sleep at nite - worryin'... I'm worryin'
Maybe my life just ain't right- it’s so very boring
What's the point - cuz everything tastes the same
And I wait for a paycheck - just to buy it all over again



Cuz I Feel

Set List

All original music with some tasty covers mixed in!