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I earned my B.A. in Psychology, and realized I was interested in taking a different path. I wanted to reach people in a different, perhaps more creative way. My true and unrealized dream has always been to attain a career in the fine arts. I have a strong current of creativity, that often goes either unnoticed or ignored because the job does not take advantage of it or even embrace it. I have entertained training in songwriting and recording in hopes to see if I have the capability to do this. A friend of mine, who is a musician, saw some of my writings and has been pushing me to do something. She, and many others since, believe that I have talent and potential. I have also had professional musicians try to motivate me to consider being a recording artist when they heard my amateur recordings of student recitals. I am quite humble, so it is hard for me to see this the way they do, but I have listened, finally, nonetheless. I have always been a writer at heart. In all other arenas of life, I have a tendency to filter myself, but with writing it is completely different. All of my life, I have always used writing as an outlet for my true self. I had a rough childhood, where I dealt with all forms of abuse, death, and financial struggle, as well as other trials encountered in human existence. I had to learn how to deal with its consequences, for the most part, all on my own. I have devoted a great deal of my efforts to writing as an art as well as a therapeutic avenue. I strive to express myself completely, eloquently, and effectively using the guidelines of the trade. I have a natural, innate sense of rhythm, that allows me the capability to put these words to music with apparent ease. I also play guitar and drums, and use them both for the songwriting process to assure a rhythmic flow. I enjoy the challenge of setting words to music. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction unlike any other art. My songs are about people, emotions, thoughts, situations, and how we deal with them and how they effect and interact with our lives. Many times I have sat down to write a song, purely for the purpose of getting out how I feel or sorting things out and deciding what to do. I sit down and write something on a daily basis. My songs touch on many different subjects and are not really limited to one type of audience. They are about the human condition, so the vast majority can relate to them, I believe. They are vivid, yet vague. What I mean by this is that they provoke a great deal of imagery, yet they are vague enough that the person usually applies it to his or her own life, and therefore, sees something different in his or her own mind's eye from the person next to them. So the songs interact with everyone differently, but each interpretation carries the same weight in meaning and effect.