Alise Joste

Alise Joste


Actually started with music as a diary, expressing things that was tough to bear thru normal life. Inspired by the likes of Feist, Nick Cave and Bon Iver plus just life itself, she writes songs that are mellow but intense at the same time.


Alise Joste is a Latvian singer-songwriter who already has drawn big audiences to festival and club performances in her home country. When asked about her music, Alise says: "As I consider myself as a pretty shy person, it's always been very hard for me to talk about the things that are happening to me, what I think or feel. For a long time I kept it all to myself, until unexpectedly found songwriting being the way I could finally talk to others and myself honestly."

Alise's debut album with 12 self-penned songs was recorded mostly by herself with a little help from her brother in a country house. It was released under I Love You Records label in 2011.

Already well known on the singer-songwriter scene in Latvia, in 2012 Alise played her first shows abroad in Paris, France, and Portugal. In April 2013 Alise showcased at Tallinn Music Week, the biggest music conference in the Baltics, and received very positive feedback. After performing at summer festivals in Latvia and Sweden Alise is confirmed for several showcase festivals – Berlin Music Week, Reeperbahn Festival and Waves Vienna.


A Thousand Questions

Written By: Alise Joste

The sun cuts a shadow on the wall I’m passing by
But where does it go when the light and I am gone?

So this and thousand other questions are those which seem not to have the answers
And where am I supposed to look to find what I’ve been searching for

The stars up above they show me the way back home
But where do they go when the dawn is breaking?


Written By: Alise Joste

Could it be that we are waiting for something
That’s not even about to happen

And if we’re meant to fail I’ll stand and wait

Was it me that made you believe that we would go
So much further than we could

And now we stand and wait to see if we will really fail
And if we do, well it probably was meant to be this way

Salty & Harsh

Written By: Alise Joste

Salty oceans lapping around my windowsills
Oh, how I wish they’d wash away these blues
I’m having each time I hear the songs you used to like

Harsh winds blowing through my head when I sleep
Oh, how I wish they’d blow away these blues
I’m having each time I pass the house where you used to live


Alise Joste - Alise Joste (I Love You Records, 2011)