Alise Marlane

Alise Marlane


Alise Marlane: a singer-songwriter who performs thought-provoking jazz-infused folk originals and the occasional interpretation of songs she wishes she'd written. A distinctive blend of finger-style guitar, suede-like vocals and widely varied repertoire. Some French tunes included.


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This Montreal-born musician is based in the Gatineau Hills of Quebec. She spent most of her life carving out various paths through the arts and worked many years as an art conservator before deciding to focus with more vigour on her life-long passion of writing music.

All is fair play in Alise's creative process - having produced a broad repertoire brimming with endless guitar adventures, some forays into mandolin territory, and an incredible range of subject matter. With influences as varied as Billie Holiday, Bruce Cockburn, Edith Piaf and Dr. Seuss, to name a few, the common thread is her desire to "serve the song", drawing from a range of styles while ultimately evoking her own unmistakably rich and original sound.

She has entertained audiences throughout the Ottawa/Outaouais region and beyond with her engaging repertoire - sometimes playing solo, sometimes backed by a double bassist and a percussionist, as well as being part of CFMA nominated folk trio, FRIDA'S BROW, alongside Jennifer Noxon and Chris MacLean. Alise has performed openening sets for the likes of Ron Sexsmith, the The Wailin' Jenny's and Terry Tufts to name a few. Other events she has performed at as a solo artist include "Absolute Acoustics - a celebration of the acoustic guitar" featuring Don Ross; "International Women's Day" at the National Arts Centre 4th Stage, hosted by Connie Kaldor; and summer festivals such as the CKCU-Ottawa Folk Festival, Blue Skies Festival and Eaglewood Folk Festival.

With her début album, Stillness Hold On, produced by Ian Tamblyn, Alise first established herself as an accomplished songwriter distinguished by a compelling, evocative voice and strong musicianship. Her newly released second solo album, Room For Less, co-produced with James Stephens, has already been garnering international acclaim.

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(re. Alise's new album: Room For Less) "After several listens, I am totally taken by this singer/songwriter, Alise Marlane. Much can be said about the variety of music styles that she has easily woven into her jazzy approach to folk music...Romantic, full of life, and with a careful eye for detail, she brings optimistic and lively perspectives to her surroundings, ideas and experiences." Rein van den Berg,

"Marlane's début (Stillness Hold On) is fresh and invigorating as the great Canadian wilderness…a record that makes Canadian folk music proud." Annie Clifford, Penguin Eggs, Summer 2004

"Alise is a damn good guitar player. Her sense of groove is remarkable. Her songs read like a good collection of short stories. She shares a deep sense of irony with Annie Proulx and wonderful exploration of the neighbourhood like Alice Munro. Her subject matter is often what is just outside her window, and yet she has a definite world view.” Ian Tamblyn, songwriter, playwright, producer

"Alise is one of Ottawa's best new songwriters. There is an enjoyable skew to her writing that catches one off guard. Her voice is evocative, her arrangements complex, her lyrics sheer poetry." Dean Verger, Owner Rasputin's Folk Café, Ottawa

"Alise has clearly demonstrated a dedication and genuine respect for her craft. More than once, the audience has been silenced by the quiet beauty of her voice and her songs." Paul Symes, Owner, the Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield, Quebec.

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In the spring of 2005 Alise took the reins as resident songwriter and musical director for Theatre Wakefield’s production of a new bilingual musical play entitled Cabaret Civil - a political satire revolving around the Quebec City anti-globalization protests of 2001. She was subsequently enlisted by Theatre Wakefield to produce the album Cabaret Civil: Songs from the Theatre Wakefield Production – a swinging collection of songs interspersed with provocative sound-scapes.

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"SABAH" directed by RUBA NADA, Executive Produced by ATOM EGOYAN, starring ARSINÉE KHANJIAN

"THE ELEVENTH HOUR" Gemini wining CTV dramatic series.

"A WINDIGO TALE" directed and written by ARMAND RUFFO, soon to be released.

(Music Supervisors please note that voice-free versions of the majority of Alise's recorded material are also available.)

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Room For Less (2009 - just released in May '09)
Frida's Brow (2007 - Alise is also a member of this folk trio alongside Chris MacLean and Jennifer Noxon)
Cabaret Civil (2006 - music from a Theatre Production)
Stillness Hold On (2004)

Set List

Alise's typical repretoire consists of selections from the four albums she has released since 2004, sometimes including songs in French, along with the occasional cover tune.