Alison Bailey Streich

Alison Bailey Streich


Alison is a soulful violinist, composer, and educator. Her original music has Classical, Celtic, Jazz and Folk elements. Solo or with an ensemble, Alison specializes in unique, heartfelt arrangements.


Alison Bailey Streich, MA Ed., is an Oakland musician and educator. As an Oakland Public School Music teacher, Alison not only enjoys teaching Oakland's young musicians, she also works in partnership with the Oakland Symphony. The Oakland Symphony supports Alison's programs through providing instruments, as well as sending symphony musicians into her classrooms each week to mentor her students.

Being a band director is the perfect compliment to Alison's life as a professional violinist and composer. A lifelong performer with a unique sound all her own, Alison has performed extensively throughout the United States, as well as international tours of Ireland, Germany, Holland, Scotland and Japan. Many of her tours have been funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as various State Arts Councils. Her versatility has allowed her to enjoy collaborations with various artists. From her tenure with the Celtic trio Golden Bough, to playing Reggae On The River with Fely, to performing with E.W. Wainwright, to being a part of Ayana's "Sunlight Of My People," to playing in the magical harp and violin duet "Verdandia" - Alison enjoys entertaining audiences with her violin.

Alison is proud to be member of ASCAP.


Tied to the Madness Tree

Written By: Alison Bailey Streich

sung by Terrie Odabi

Long ago to and fro
I got about an hour or so
of enlightenment
and it chilled me to the bone

I could see, apparently
All the faleshoods and the lies
I got hip to the 'guise

Tied to the Madness Tree

I planted this tree
I watered this tree
I tended this tree

That tree was me
I watered that tree
And I can set my self free

Hip Shake

Written By: Slim Harpo

performed by Jeb Brady and The Boweavils

Prayer of Jabez

Written By: The Bible

O that You would bless me indeed
And enlarge my territory
That your Hand would be with me
That You would keep me from evil
That I may not cause pain


Song of the Celts - Golden Bough
Magic of the Celtic Harp Vol. II - Margie Butler
Our Hamlet - Golden Bough
Borders No More - Glenn Morgan
Westwind - Glenn Morgan
Not For Sale - Alison Bailey Streich
Lovelock to Winnemucca - Center Divide
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Tinta Verde - Quijerema
Climb - The Shots
New Clear Vision - Catherine Firpo, PhD
Genocide and Juice - The Coup
Starlit Jewel - Avalon Rising
Sunlight Of My People - Ayana
Sex In The Morning - Hyim
Sonic Forest - Sonic Forest
Moonbunnies - Patrick Drayus

Set List

Original Compositions:
Rasputin's Reel
Marty's Jig
Birthday Suit
The Wishing Song
Happy Day
Tied to the Madness Tree
Prayer for Peace
Definitely Jousting
Butterfly Song
Got To Go Now
Ghost Town
The Imbecile and The Idiot
Blips of Lucidity
Anam Cara
The Jolly Fryer
Mudflats of Kerry

Classically Inspired:
Bach Double
Vivaldi's Am & Gm Concertos
Seitz Concerto
Gossec's Gavotte
Fritz Kreisler's Sicilienne and Rigadoun
Boccerini's Gavotte
Bach Minutes
Pachelbel's Canon in D
Purcell's Trumpet Tune
Witches' Dance
Allegory on Allegro
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring

Planxty Irwin
The Musical Priest
Ms. McCloud's Reel
Julia Delaney's Reel
Pipe on the Hob
Banish Misfortune
Rocky Road to Dublin
Road to Lisdoonvarna
Red Haired Boy
Off She Goes
Fairy Dance
Smash the Windiws
Another Jig Will Do
Toss the Feathers I & II
Star of the Co. Down
Mrs. McGrath
Loch Erne Reel
The Butterfly