Alison Block

Alison Block


Alison Block is an LA-based singer/songwriter/comedian who composes in the pop, rock, country, and comedy genres. A versatile writer, she collaborates with artists, producers and songwriters across the board and has had songs places in various independent film and television productions.


Alison Block is a singer/songwriter, screenwriter and stand-up comedian. As a musician, Block regularly collaborates with songwriters and artists in Los Angeles and Nashville. Recently, her songs have been featured on Songwriter Universe’s On-line Magazine and have received honorable mention in the Nashville Songwriter’s Association International Songwriting Contest. Block was one of 14 artists chosen to participate in a songwriting “boot camp” with top-Nashville songwriter, Jeffrey Steele. As a comedian, Block has appeared at comedy clubs across the country including the The Hollywood Improv, The Comedy Connection in Boston, and Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York City. She was a semi-finalist in the Boston Comedy Festival and is well known for her comedy songs. Block just finished her first screenplay for a short film which is scheduled to be filmed this summer. Block has a BA in English, as well as a minor in Flim and Video, from Duke University and a MS in Journalism from Boston University. She is also an avid equestrian and can make a damn good chocolate martini.


Paul's Song

Written By: Alison Block

I’m just a girl who loves a boy whose name is Paul
He’s the man of my dreams. He’s smart, he’s sweet, he’s tall.
We have a lot in common. We just seemed to click
One thing we have in common: we both like dick.

Just my luck the man I love is gay
He moisturizes and exfoliates everyday
He’s obsessed with Barbara Streisand
You know I am just a girl who loves a boy who loves a man

Paul and I met at a Halloween party
I was dressed as Marylyn Monroe and so was he.
We both look good but one thing I can’t deny
Wearing a dress Paul has better legs than I

Just my luck the man I love is gay
Should have known when he turned down a football game for the ballet
He knows the difference between sandalwood and tan
You know I am just a girl who loves a boy who loves a man

Paul takes me out to dinner. He picks the restaurant
The boy has amazing taste
But the only time he’s been in my bedroom
Was to redecorate the place

I love him so much I am loosing my mind
But what can I do? He likes it from behind
As if that weren’t enough. I just can’t seem to win
Cause the guy that Paul is fucking now is my ex-boyfriend

Just my luck the man I love is gay
He promises I’ll meet a great straight guy
Think I’ll give up and just become a lesbian
You know I am just a girl who loves a boy who loves a man
Yeah, I am just a girl who loves a boy who loves a man