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Holetown, Saint James, Barbados | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | SELF

Holetown, Saint James, Barbados | SELF
Established on Jan, 2004
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When Alison Hinds played Harbourfront Centre’s Island Soul festival last year, so many people attended that you could barely get near the stage. The Barbadian singer, aka the Queen of Soca, is a legend in Caribbean music, so expect more of the same when she lands in Toronto for Barbados On The Water, a celebration of the island nation’s 50 years of independence.

Hinds talked to NOW ahead of her Saturday show.

How has the scene changed since you started out in the late 80s?

There’s a lot more cross-pollination between soca and other genres like reggae, Afro-pop, EDM and others. Because of this, soca has gotten into some mainstream and non-traditional markets that otherwise wouldn’t have heard this amazing, infectious, happy music. We’ve been able to stay true to the essence of who we are through our music, and we are gradually introducing the world to it.

Even though we have made some steps forward musically, it’s still not a fully recognized genre, and the bottom line – our sales – does not reflect how popular our music really is. More still needs to be done to promote and market the music itself as a product of the Caribbean region and not just individual islands alone.

What has 50 years of independence in Barbados meant to you, and how has it impacted your life and community in small and big ways?

It means as a country we’ve been able to stand up for and govern ourselves to a certain level of success. Although it’s far from perfect, we’re still up to the job and we will continue to fight for our place in the world.

On a personal level, I feel the pride of being able to represent this small island in big ways all over the world. Within the community I see people starting their own businesses and wanting to be independent in their own right and trying their best to make that happen.

I’d like to see more patriotism in Barbados, though, especially among the younger ones, but in saying that, we as the adults need to step up and lead by example. Long gone are the days of “Do as I say, not as I do.” We have to be willing to show our pride in our nation, and the kids will get it. - Carla Gillis

"Alison Hinds in South African/Bajan Film Collab"

SOCA QUEEN Alison Hinds has already proven she is no slouch in the acting department and is set to expand her foray into that segment of entertainment with a new role.

Hinds has landed a part in the film Umthetho Ngumthetho: The Law is the Law, a collaboration between Barbados and the South African Monarchy Group.

Ernest Nkosi, Thato Dhladla and Enos Manthata of the Monarchy Group were on island last year for the 2015 Barbados International Film Festival where they showcased their film Thina Sobabili.

“The audience loved the film so much, and we met various people who said, ‘Let's do a film together’,” Nkosi is quoted in Zambia’s Sunday Times.

“The Barbados government got on board because they would like to build diplomatic ties with South Africa, plus it will create jobs and boost tourism to both countries, so we adapted the script to be the story of a young Xhosa man who has to marry his brother’s widow but then falls in love with a girl from Barbados.”

Hinds shared her thoughts on how she sees her role.

“I play the mother of the principal female character and I hope to bring believability to this role. I don’t want the audience to see the Soca Queen but the character...

“This film is an opportunity for Barbados and South Africa to learn about each other culturally, musically, spiritually, even politically. I hope the audience will leave with some understanding of why people sometimes do the things they do ... I hope this movie makes people stop and think.”

She revealed it was her role in Two Smart – for which she won Best Supporting Actress – that impressed the South African trio.

“I didn’t know it at the time but the guys apparently were impressed by what they saw of me in the clip from the film that was shown at the awards,” said Hinds.

“In February I received a call from Enos. He told me they had written another movie and had written a part for me and would I be interested ... of course my answer was yes!”

The Monarchy group say they are still seeking funding for the South African side of the production. Their local National Film and Video Foundation told them “to come back next year, but the Barbados side is set to go and we want to start filming in July”. -

"Alison Hinds delivers flawless rendition of the US National Anthem"

A VIRAL VIDEO has shown Alison Hinds executing a slam dunk Bajan style last night when Hinds was the centre of attention at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, New York.
Hinds sang the United States National Anthem live before the start of the National Basketball Association (NBA) match-up between Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers.
“I was nervous. This was one thing I didn’t want to mess up,” she told NATION ONLINE via telephone from Trinidad today.
Hinds who is in Trinidad for the Carnival season, said the prestigious honour came about with a collaboration between the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc., and the BrooklynNets.
Hinds, who travelled to the United States on Tuesday with her deejay/road manager Darryl “Dlife” Payne said , “I have performed at Barclays Centre before but being on stage and versus standing up in the middle of the entire place and everything and everybody’s eyes and focus on you was a little bit different.
“When I was getting ready to sing, for some reason I wasn’t as nervous. I said to myself, ‘OK Alison. Let’s just go and nail it to the wall’. I knew that I had nailed it when I heard the crowd responding even before I expected them to respond. They were feeling it and when I was done I was just absolutely elated”.
The Brooklyn Nets cheerleaders then put the icing on the cake by doing a tribute to the soca queen by doing a choreographed piece to Roll It Gal at half time. - Natanga Smith

"Soca queen Alison Hinds appointed new Goodwill Ambassador"

Crowned the undisputed “Queen of Soca” by fans worldwide, Alison Hinds now has a new title to carry. The Barbadian artist has been appointed Goodwill Ambassador for the International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International). When not performing, Hinds has her hand in many pots including advocating for causes such as AIDS awareness, women’s rights and diabetes, as well as organizations for disabled and physically challenged children. This is the first time a Goodwill Ambassador has been selected from the Caribbean, so it means an important chapter in Hinds’ life has now begun. With events this year such as the BPW International’s Annual Leadership Summit in New York and addressing the BPW International Congress in Jeju, South Korea, Hinds has a lot to look forward to. - Emma Kombora

"Caribbean Soca Queen Alison Hinds, appointed International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International) Goodwill Ambassador"

Barbadian Alison Hinds has been appointed the International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International) Goodwill Ambassador. - N/A

"Triple the Focus March 2014 Alison Hinds"

Alison Hinds, Caribbean and Soca Queen, is a wife, mother, goodwill ambassador,
businesswoman and leader. Carrying herself with the utmost confidence, exuding exceptional
ability and respect, Ms. Hinds is the epitome of a strong woman and the ideal representative to
grace the cover of Triple The Focus E-Magazine for the month of March, celebrating Women’s
History Month.
Women in history are key components to everything built from the ground up and though times
have changed, women are still striving for recognition across male dominated industries. Truth
is, a women’s natural nurturing character, enhanced with her professional know how, and
sensibility of love, add an element of power to her skill set. A woman’s mindset in executing
what she sets out to do may be different than that of a man’, though just the same, the end
goals are reached. This advantage is a gift and a curse, creating avenues for women to far
exceed what might be expected and simultaneously set precedence of a higher standard to be
accredited. It takes an outstanding woman to break these invisible barriers which Alison Hinds
has shown she is ready and willing to conquer this challenge.
Residing in Barbados, this Bajan beauty’ sound has traveled far beyond the shores of the
Caribbean Islands. It was the hit “Roll It Gal”, that exposed her to the world coining her the
name, “Queen of Soca”, nearly a decade ago, and she has been entertaining the masses with
her impressive talents ever since. Dynamically skilled across genres including Soca, Calypso,
Zouk, and Chutney, this musical powerhouse offers an explosive stage show. This comes with
a responsibility in which she admits is unique to her own path.
Triple The Focus gets into the mind of what makes Alison Hinds tick, touching on who inspires
her, her solo career verses being part of a band, her efforts in bringing global awareness to
women’s rights and offering her expertise to women in the music business. In addition, she
touches on the expansion of her talents with regards to a recent role on the big screen. As she
continues to be her best, Alison offers inspiring life experiences through action and we look
forward to watching her shine.
You’re a leader, they don’t call you Queen of Soca for nothing. But do you see or feel
the rewards of women you’ve paved the way for? Yes, I do. A lot of women have told
me that I inspired them to be artists or to be successful in other fields. I am proud that the
women in the business are real powerhouses and not just their looking pretty, but really putting
the work in.
Do you feel a responsibility to the up and coming women in the biz? As people, each
of us has that responsibly, but everybody’s road is different, my road is not hers and hers is not
mine, so we have our own path to follow. But I do try to always conduct myself in a way that
is respectable and not offensive to other women. This is a male dominated industry and what a
man can get away with on stage, a woman would be seen in a negative light. I believe in
quality entertainment without crossing the line.
You are always so confident and self-aware on stage. Did that develop over time or
was it instilled at a young age? Actually both. I didn’t start out with the intention to be a
power or force in the business, I just wanted to sing. That was my dream. I wanted to be able to entertain people. Fortunately the people around me, especially the guys in Square One,
helped me to form the entertainer ‘Alison Hinds’. Now my mom, who will be 71 this year, I told
her just the other day, that she is responsible for the woman I am today. When I came to her
and told her I wanted to join Square One, she didn’t do like most other parents and try to talk
me out of it (go to university, get a real job, etc.). She has always been my biggest supporter
because she knew this is what I’ve wanted to do since I was a child. Before anyone even knew
there was an ‘Alison Hinds,’ she was supporting my dreams. So in that sense, yes, it was how I
was raised.
At 16 when I wanted to join Square One, my mother told me she needed to meet everyone
involved. So they came over to the house and she sat them down and told them what she
expected of them, and how they should treat and look out for me, and they all took her words
to heart and did just that. I was never disrespected, they always looked out for me, and we
are the same way up to this day. Those are my brothers.
Speaking of Square One, can we discuss that? Sure.
Can fans look out for a reunion any time soon? We reunited briefly and have spoken
about it several times, and we would love to do a Square One reunion tour through the
Caribbean, US, and other places, but it would have to be done properly and it takes major
sponsorship, so yes we have discussed it. Hopefully we can do it before we are unable to do it
no more!
Do you prefer working within a band or being a solo artist? Oh I love working with a
good band. I prefer it over tracks because live musicians give you the freedom to play with the
music. Of course I do track shows and its good, but I prefer bands. I really love working with
young musicians because they are so excited and open.
Are there any female Soca artists you enjoy purely as a fan? I like FayAnn and Destra.
Destra is a really good singer. I like Senelle Dempster. But you know, the problem is a lot of
female Soca artist have a hard time expanding outside of their country so the music isn’t really
getting out. That’s something I would like to work on in the future.
What do you think about Nadia Batson and her all female band SASS? Oh I love
Nadie! That’s my girl. She’s doing great things, and is a great singer as well as songwriter. We
will hear plenty from her for a long time to come.
So what about you, what are you working on these days? Are you still active with
Carnival & CropOver? Oh yes, of course. I have a few songs for CropOver that I’ve already
recorded. They just need to be mastered. So I’m preparing for that. And I was recently
appointed Goodwill Ambassador for Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Club.
They deal with global women’s issues like gender-based violence, women’s health, equal pay,
etc. In a few weeks I will be performing and speaking on gender roles in the music industry.
We hear you are also staring in a movie, a full Barbadian production? Yes, we filmed
it here and everyone is Bajan. It’s called ‘Two Smart’ and it’s a physiological thriller. There are
only 3 characters in the entire film and it takes place in one night.
How did that come about? I’ve always been interested in acting but never had time to
really pursue it with touring and performing so much. Not long ago my husband and I went to
see a movie “Pay Day” and it was so funny. We meant the producer, I told him that I am
interested in acting and if they have any projects, I would be interested. They were already
working on “Two Smart” so when I met with him and the writer Shakirah Bourne, she said
“You are exactly what I had in mind for Margie”. And it went from there.
How was the experience? Acting is much more challenging but in a good way. I was very
excited, but was very hard at times because it was a lot of work and a learning experience.
The movie takes place in one night and there are only 3 actors and a small crew so we all had
to attend every night of shooting, like 10 hour days. You know I still have to be a wife and
mother when I come home. But I enjoyed it very much.
Do you prefer acting over singing? Acting is another way of using my voice. I have taken
some acting classes before and will be in New York soon, so I would like to take lesson while
I’m there. The trailer should be online very soon and I’m excited to see what I look like on the
big screen. Haahaaa - Natalie Bloom & Jo Wheeler

"NEWS: First Trailer for Barbadian Thriller 'Two Smart'"

While the forthcoming psychological thriller ‘Two Smart’ is not labeled horror, it is well within the realm of our favorite genre. A tense and claustrophobic suspense movie with a three-person cast, ‘Two Smart’ is the second film from Barbadian author and, for this film, co-director, Shakirah Bourne, and fundamentally different from her 2013 film ‘Payday’ which achieved huge success in the Bajan region. Come on inside for he first official trailer and details.
Intricate details regarding the plot of ‘Two Smart’ have, understandably, not been revealed. This is what we know: ‘Two Smart’ is a psychological thriller about a disgruntled married couple and a hitchhiker trapped in a gully during a tropical storm. The long night reveals a tangled web of lies and betrayal.
Shot in two locations in the parishes of St John and St Peter, this Barbadian feature film promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.
Barbadian film production company Bajans in Motion wrapped principal filming of their latest project in November. Just like with ‘Payday’, writer and first time co-director Shakirah Bourne has kept production local with a Barbadian focus and cast which will see Soca* Queen Alison Hinds making her screen debut as an actress, along with experienced actors George Gill and Saran Lashley. ‘Two Smart’ was shot in two locations in the parishes of St. John and St. Peter on the island of Barbados over ten days.
“I wanted to see if I could write a feature film that was set in one unconventional location with just three characters,” said Shakirah Bourne in an interview with Barbadian Nation News last November. “This movie has multiple plot twists and will keep the audience in suspense down to the final scene. Scandal fans will love Two Smart.”
The release of ‘Two Smart’ in Barbados is anticipated for April this year. Further territories have not been announced at the time of this writing.
* in case you are wondering, “Soca” is not slang for “soccer” but rather a style of Caribbean music originating in the islands of Trinidad and Tobago by blending East Indian music with the local Caribbean style. Think a combination of Calypso, Soul and Funk with a Caribbean twist. Alison Hinds has some good examples of her music on her official website. - horrorbug

"Digicel ‘Barbados is Music’ coming in November"

Three titans of Barbados’ music industry will be hitting the stage at Kensington Oval on November 29th, in celebration of Barbados’ 50th year of Independence,. The “Barbados is Music” show will feature three big bands of the 90s. These are: Krosfyah, Coalishun and Square One.
Speaking during the launch on Thursday evening, Committee Member of the Digicel-sponsored show, Shawn Franklin, explained the rationale.
“We thought it would be remiss of us to let the 50th anniversary come and go without acknowledging some of the pillars of the music industry in Barbados, and we focused in on a particular group that we wanted to highlight... These bands represent in a period when Barbados was basically running things in the Caribbean, and they flew the flag proud in the Caribbean and in the diaspora.”
This show, promised to be dynamic, explosive and memorable, has been met with much enthusiasm from the band members. Representing Krosfyah was Michael Agard, who expressed much elation towards the event. He stated the bands have performed on the same stage before, but this time it will be truly something special. He further encouraged the public to come out and support, especially as he understands that many tourists will be in the island around that time.
Moreover, Adrian Clarke, who was a part of Krosfyah for a brief time, represented Coalishun, the band, which he performed with for a much longer period. Clarke highlighted the fact that there is a dearth of bands on the island, and hopes that the days would return where disc jockeys were secondary to bands at an event. To this end, he shared his high hopes for the show, promising that it will be something to look forward to.
Thirdly, representing for Square One was Alison Hinds. Hinds revealed that when the idea of the show was forwarded to the group. there was no hesitation by anyone. Hinds, noting that there is no greater feeling than performing alongside her band mates, stated that she expects generations of families to come out to the event.
Nevertheless, promoters of the show are going for the ‘wow’ factor. Franklin disclosed that the show will not just be a procession of the three bands. but it will be a production that people will talk about for a long time.
Additionally, several stalwarts working in the background of the music industry in Barbados will be highlighted and honoured, since, in Franklin’s view, “music is an extremely important part of why Barbados is where it is as a very proud nation”. - Peta Rowe-Forde


Sandals Barbados celebrated International Women’s Day with a symposium on their Dover Resort featuring a conversation style forum with a range of guest speakers from varying aspects of the community.
The all-female panel consisted of Soca Queen Alison Hinds, CBC Television presenter Lisa Brome, Founder of the SAVE Foundation Liesel Daisley and Education Therapist Thecla Walrond.
Hinds, fresh on return from Trinidad Carnival, urged the women in the room to always strive for the best, whilst remembering their role as women and holding their heads high.
“As a woman I have had to make a stand and decide what is for me and what I will and won’t do. Every time I perform I am conscious that my daughter and other women are watching, so, especially my lyrics will never be degrading to women,” she commented.
She also admitted that her hit single “Roll It Gall” has become somewhat of an inspiration to women in the region and is perhaps her favourite song to perform.
Daisley, a former Sales Manager of the resort spoke about the assistance her organisation offers to abused women of any form and gave a stark reality to the problems women in Barbados face.
“We still have men and women out there who believe they own us [women]. They see women as property and this is wrong; women have the right to be independent, work and express themselves without fear of verbal and physical abuse,” said Daisley.
Waldron in her insight urged women to be good mothers and remember that they are the ones raising the men and women of this society. “The respect and love shown to women has to begin with us as mothers and how we raise our children. We cannot leave it up to the teachers, pastors and other persons; we have to be ones to instill these values in our children,” asserted Waldron.
Lisa Brome, commented that she was especially happy to celebrate International Women’s Day and paid tribute to some of ladies who have paved the way for her and others in the broadcast industry such as her Director of News Michele Arthur and Sharon Marshall.
The event was conceptualised by the Human Resources and Public Relations departments of the hotel as a way to treat the female employees to a day of reflection, information and pampering.
Human Resources Manager of the resort, Karen Brown, called the event a success. “We had an amazing session and based on the feedback from over 60 attendees – it was welcomed information, with a sense of connection on some of the issues facing women in Barbados.
“We wanted a girlfriend experience, so team members could interact with our guests and just talk. We chose to use sofas and open areas to make them feel a bit more relaxed and it worked,” said Brown. - The Barbados Advocate

"Jamaica Carnival heating things up"

Byron Lee's brainchild, Jamaica Carnival, is back on the road after a near 10-year hiatus, and the mantle has passed to his daughter, Julianne Lee Samuels.

Lee Samuels shares her late father's passion of making carnival in Jamaica inclusive and accessible to everyone, and sponsor KFC Jamaica is in full support of this resurgence.

Jamaica Carnival kick-started the season at 'Soca in da City' last Saturday, featuring Alison Hinds.

Hinds, who enjoys a big fan base in Jamaica, is also looking forward to the resurgence of Jamaica Carnival, having worked with Lee to develop the culture of carnival in Jamaica.

"Byron, may he rest in peace, he always made sure that Square One, and then in the latter years myself, as a solo artiste, were included in Jamaica Carnival every year without fail," she said, noting that he was a big fan of hers.

"So to be able to see one of his kids come and relaunch and have this resurgence of Jamaica Carnival is amazing," said Hinds.

As sponsors, KFC will be spicing things up with their Hot & Spicy T-shirt band and truck on the road.

"We are looking forward to a hot and spicy carnival this season through our partnership with Jamaica Carnival. In the past, we have had a very fruitful relationship with the brand and hope to continue this with its relaunch," said Andrei Roper, KFC brand manager.

He noted that the franchise will also be doing many carnival-related giveaways, including costume packages, on its social media pages," said Roper.

Jamaica Carnival will be culminating the season with the road march on Sunday April 23. - Jamaica Star

"Alison Hinds rocks soca fans"

HUNDREDS of soca and music lovers converged at the VMBS parking lot in St Andrew for Wray & Nephew Jamaica Carnival’s Soca In Da City last Saturday. The event was the first in the Jamaica Carnival’s series.

A high-energy set from soca queen Alison Hinds, as well as impromptu performances by Chi Ching Ching and Tanto Blacks, kept patrons thoroughly entertained. DJs Supa Hype and Kurt Riley provided the music.

Hinds took the stage just before 1:00 am in a black outfit. In her usual vibrant style she engaged the audience and even found a male patron to equal her dancing prowess. Deejay Tanto Blacks then jumped into her set, adding a dancehall flavour.

Singjay Chi Ching Ching joined Hinds on stage and performed his hits songs Breadfruit, Watchi Wiya, and Rock Di World. He left the crowd begging for more.

“The vibe was off the chain, the energy from the people was real and I loved every bit of it. Everyone was dancing and singing along to my songs; it was amazing,” said Hinds. “I will be back in Jamaica and on the road jumping with the Jamaica Carnival band. I’ve never done a road march in Jamaica before only the lead-up events and I’m looking forward to that. One thing I know for sure: I won’t be staying on a truck the entire time, so line up security because I’ll be chipping down the road with Jamaica Carnival.”

Pietro Gramegna, marketing manager at J Wray & Nephew Limited, was pleased with the turnout.

“We are ecstatic by the strong support for Wray & Nephew Jamaica Carnival’s Soca In Da City. This was our first carnival event of the season, and all expectations were exceeded in a ‘wraytastic’ manner. Alison Hinds proved once again that she deserves the “Queen of Soca” title with a first-rate performance that had patrons in a great vibe,” he said.

The next event is slated for March 25 at Pier One in Montego Bay in St James. - Jamaica Observer


TBA (2012), Black Coral
Caribbean Queen (2009), Black Coral
Soca Queen (2007), Black Coral/1720/Universal

Square One

Eat Drink and Be Merry(1988)
Special (1992), Ice
Square Roots (1993), Ice
4 Sides (1996)
Sweetness (1997), Square One
In Full Bloom (1998), I-Man/Gator
Fast Forward (1999), I-Man/Gator
Champion (2001), Square One
Higher Heights (2001), Musicrama/Koch



Crowned the undisputed “Queen of SOCA” by fans worldwide, her powerful, emotional vocals and high-energy live shows are legendary in Caribbean music. Alison’s musical journey has taken her throughout the Caribbean islands and the Diaspora worldwide.

Alison’s first solo album entitled SOCA QUEEN is a diverse selection of Soca tunes with hot pulsating rhythm oriented anthems with a standout song “Roll It Gal” that became an international hit between 2005- 2006 and was released in North America, Europe and the Far East taking Alison’s music to new shores and making new fans all over the world enabling Alison to take her dynamic live show worldwide, touring throughout the U.S., Europe, Canada and the Caribbean. She has won numerous awards and rave reviews everywhere she goes.

When Alison is not performing she takes out time to work as an advocate for causes such as AIDS awareness, Women’s rights, Diabetes foundation and has participated with them wherever possible as well as organizations for disabled and physically challenged children. On February 19, 2014 Alison is appointed International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International) Goodwill Ambassador. Appointment to this prestigious post came on the heels of the nomination of Ms. Hinds by the BPW Barbados Club, lead by President Marrianne Burnham, who believes that this a tremendous opportunity for Barbados and the Caribbean region on a whole. She acknowledges, “This is first time a Goodwill Ambassador has been selected from the Caribbean, and it widens Barbados’ international scope and outreach, as we promote and export our talent, culture and country. We are very proud to be a part of this, yet another first for Barbados.” 

2014 proved to be the year of Alison Hinds, she proved that she is not just a voice but an actress as well. Alison debut in Barbados first psychological thriller, ‘Two Smart,’ movie. ‘Two Smart,’ is about a disgruntled married couple and a hitchhiker who get trapped in a gully during a tropical storm. The film premiered July 17 at Olympus Theatres in Barbados and showings began July 23.The film was very received by spectators and fans. The film is expected to travel to worldwide festivals and is definitely a great stepping-stone for this bajan beauty to appear in more films. On August 14, 2016, Alison received the key to the city of Hartford in Connecticut.

Alison Hinds is a vital element on the Caribbean music scene and a major force in the eruption of innovative urban-influenced Caribbean-based music. Alike artists such as fellow-Bajan popstar Rihanna, Sean Paul, and Shaggy, who are changing the face of music worldwide. Alison leaves an indelible footprint on the Caribbean music scene.

Band Members