Alison Lefevre

Alison Lefevre


jazz influenced pop


Native New Orleanian, transplanted to Lafayette for middle/highschool, and then back to New Orleans for college where Alison studied under Harold Battiste, Terrance Blanchard, Leah Chase-Kamata and Ed Peterson. "New Orleans is a wonderful place, brimming with an eclectic music scene, (great food!) and very talented people. I was sorry when I had to move, but ending up in New York City post-Katrina has been nothing but inspirational so far."

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"Gifted with an entrancing, velvety voice, Alison Lefevre combines a nuanced approach to jazz with a sophisticated pop sensibility." --Joshua Caffery, Cultural Writer, Times of Acadiana

"Clear and pure vocal performance, a delight to see such an original presence in New York's overflowing singer songwriter scene."-- Max Lee, New York Post


Where It Ends: Debut Jazz CD, 2004

Clara Von Street: all original music, 2007

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Live 365

Wolf Rock Radio

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Set List

1 hour length sets:

couldnt be sweeter 4:14
i know 4:33
something from nothing 4:30
I'll be okay 4:27
seagul song 5:39
savior 4:11
window pane 5:33
as you go 6:02
peter pans lullaby 4:14
clara von 6:16