Alison Scott

Alison Scott

 Richfield, Minnesota, USA

Alison Scott is rising star in Minneapolis; her riveting songs and huge soulful voice are unique in today's prefab music scene. Solo, duo or full band, she rips up the stage like a modern day Carole King, making an unforgettable impression with her piano and a strong, romantic voice.


"Don’t forget us when you’re a big star, which you will soon be." - Brian Turner, DJ, Cities 97

"Alison’s songs are deceptively damaged and clever; she’s not even remotely interested in pleasing the so-called hipsters."
- Pat O’Brien, City Pages

Singer-songwriter Alison Scott is originality, confidence, and charisma all in one package, with all the talent to back it up. She belts out her heartfelt lyrics with both grace and style. There is no doubt Alison is redefining her genre, and people are starting to notice; she is the strongest new voice to come out of the Minneapolis music scene in years. Her organic style ignores the “rules of cool” that limit so much of today’s music, and instead delivers a unique sound which combines soulful vocals and brilliant lyrics with a keen sense of creativity and passion.

With a gorgeous voice that combines the confident swagger of Cassandra Wilson, the electrifying emotion of Aretha, and the sweeping emotion of Eva Cassidy, Scott’s brilliant songwriting paints pictures that dance in your head long after she’s left the stage. A true multi-talented performer, Scott’s voice can soar high one minute and be seductive and fragile the next. She’s also a keyboard talent, whose beautiful harmonies mesh with her skintight backing band that’s made up of four of the Twin Cities’ most accomplished players, all with experience and recognition.

Along with local superstar and triple platinum songwriter, Kevin Bowe on guitar, Alison’s band includes veteran keyboardist James Tyler O’Neill, rock solid bassist Steve Price, and drum sensation Pete Anderson. Together, this five-piece unit is as powerful as it is talented; they are a serious force to be reckoned with when they fuse contemporary soul with undercurrents of 60’s Brit-pop, silky jazz, and full-throttle rock.

Alison has sold out the Dakota Jazz Club (an upscale original music venue in the Twin Cities) over a dozen shows in a row and with her band, she has performed at benefits, corporate functions and opened for several national acts such as Bon Jovi, Chris Isaak, Marc Cohn, Boz Scaggs, and Nanci Griffith. Alison’s CDs have sold almost 10,000 units and counting. Her newest release, “Chinese Whispers,” has been picked up for national distribution and is creating a lot of buzz around the midwest. It was named one of the year’s ten best albums by the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Alison Scott is truly one of those unforgettable artists that is destined for greatness.

" "Chinese Whispers” is one of those rare discs that makes you want to lean in and turn up the volume." - John Ziegler, Duluth News Tribune


Crazy Game

Written By: Alison Scott/Kevin Bowe

Crazy Game

I’ve tried to turn my head,
And look the other way.
See someone else instead,
So that I wouldn’t feel this way.

But every single time it fires back,
And it blows up in my face.
No matter what I do I just can’t relax,
I cannot turn away from this…

Crazy game.
And you gotta be insane to play it.
If we could just walk away,
Then we’d never even have to say it.
But it’s way too late for that now baby,
And there ain’t no one to blame.
There’s no escape from this crazy little game,
There’s no escaping this crazy little game.

I’ve tried to feed you lies,
But you see right through to the other side.
Where my love is growing strong,
A place I try not to stay to long.

Cause what you see in me I can see in you,
And yes I know you feel it too.
A love we can’t deny but we can’t admit,
So now we’re stuck in this same little…


It’s time to give up, it’s time to give in.
It’s time to believe that we can win this.
It’s time to be true to all I want from you.
This love that’s a….


How Do You Know?

Written By: Alison Scott

How Do You Know?

How do you know when you should care,
when your feelings won’t get hurt in the end,
when to open up and let yourself go and start falling?
How do you, How do you know?

How do you know when it’s really right
if your heart is playing tricks on your mind?
Can you tell the difference between wrong and right if you’re falling?
How do you, How do you know?

How do you know who to believe?
Is that smile just a lie can you tell me please?
Is this lust or love and is it worth the risk to start falling?
How do you, How do you know?

I’m running on empty,
I need some answers baby please help me.
I’m losing control of my mind,
so just love me or leave me stop wasting my time.

How do you know if its gonna last?
And if we change, will we still feel the same?
I should walk away, but that wouldn’t help at all, I’ve already fallen.
Fallen in, Fallen in love.

Pennies In The Fountain

Written By: Alison Scott

Pennies in the Fountain

It was my mistake for thinking we could ever be the same again.
But it was my belief that love could overcome anything
can you blame me for being naïve.

But I can wish, I can dream, and I can pray.
That someday we’ll find a way, we’ll make it through,
cause you know I’ll always love you.
I’ll cross my fingers, maybe even my toes,
I’ll throw pennies in the fountain ‘till I’m broke but who knows
if it’ll work, that’s a chance I have to take,
to get away from this heartache.

So I had this thought that maybe we’re not any better off apart after all.

The hope that love will always be enough is fading fast.


Was it my mistake for believing
or was it our mistake for retreating
and giving up any chance we might have had.

So I’ll let it go,
I’ll leave it in the hands of fate but I had to let you know.


So I’ll wish, and I’ll dream, and I’ll pray
that maybe someday we’ll find a way.
We’ll make it through,
and you will always love me too.


Written By: Alison Scott


I’m in my car and I’m a-chasing daylight,
I’m racing to get somewhere other than here.
Just half a mile and my direction changes,
I’ll leave this slightly faded existence here.

I turn the wheel and in the rearview mirror,
mistakes are growing clearer as I wave goodbye.
I circle round and contemplate the options,
the ocean or the mountains I just can’t decide.

I’m stuck on the round-a-bout.
Somewhere in between what I am and what I’m without.
I’m stuck on this round-a-bout.

Still in the car, all reasoning has left me.
My thoughts have turned to emptiness, my mind to stone.
I can’t go back but how can I move forward
if everywhere I go it never feels like home.

My hands are aching, they’re holding on so tightly,
but if I held on lightly I would lose control.
I breath in deeply but what I’m really needing
is time to stop just long enough for me to know myself.


Take these wheels and give them direction.
Take away this sense of hesitation.
Show me what I need to know to be who I am.
Help me understand.


What The Autumn Brings

Written By: Alison Scott

What the Autumn Brings

I hear you breathing, deep as you sleep.
I watch your chest rise and fall.
Hate to wake you, you’re so beautiful.
But I have thing to say, things that just can’t wait.
And after all that we’ve been through you should hear this.
Cause this much I owe you, this truth I have to prove.
These are my words for you….

I have my regrets, but only the best intent, and I won’t waste a second chance.

I’ll tell you I love you in the morning,
and I need you late at night.
I tried to live without you
but my heart just wouldn’t beat quite right.
I will hold you through the winter.
And kiss you right through spring.
This summer I’ll amaze you
but just wait for what the autumn brings…
extraordinary things.

I know you’re dreaming, your mouth smiles sweetly.
I brush the hair out of your eyes,
and will wake you in a few moments time.
To say things unsaid, building in my head.
And I’ll await your thoughts as you take it in.
Time will stand still, my lungs will refuse to fill,
until you understand.

Slowly and gently, open your eyes…hear what my lips tell you, try not to criticize.


Wish On The Moon

Written By: Alison Scott

I stood atop this hill last night to make a wish for you but there was not a star in sight.
So I waited patient, I did not hesitate. But the stars they never came.

One, two, three o’clock, the time rolls by. So I decided to try something new.

So I wished on the moon, that your eyes would see what I see in you.
I wish that every day you’d come closer to that place your soul feels safe.
I made a wish for you, on the moon.

I stand atop this hill tonight, did my wish come true? Did you finally win your fight?
Did you wake up jaded, or with a fresh new take, to rise and face this day.

One, two, three o’clock the time rolls by. And just in case I’ll give you it more try.


Shining bright up there. Seemingly perfect for this little prayer.
Smiling down and watching over you and me. I can hardly speak.

But I’ll make a wish for you, on the moon.

So Why

Written By: Alison Scott

You know I’ve got a little secret
but I am tempted not to keep it to myself
I swore I would never ever tell
but my heart ain’t doing so well
baby believe it

And now I am all torn up inside
tortured by the wrong that seems so right
and you do all you can to try
To stay away just like you should
but you can’t deny it feels so good
so why can’t we try it for tonight

So Why-Can’t you let her go
So Why-Lord knows you’ve always known
So Why-That I want you for my own
So what’s your reason why
So Why- Do you come around
So Why- You know what’s going down
So Why- This love ain’t burning out
I need a reason why

You look my way when I walk on by
got something to say I can see in your eyes
you know I need it
My emotions tremble to the thought of your touch
but my imagination just ain’t enough
I’m barely breathing


She doesn’t love you like I would baby
You’re not as happy as you could be baby
She never really understood you baby
But I do yea I do


Smash and Grab

Written By: Alison Scott/Kevin Bowe

Thought you were heaven sent right from the start
but you were hell bent on breakin my heart
Now the floor's all covered with broken glass
like pieces of a dream I never had
And I'm betting that you're never coming back

I was undercover deep when I first got made
you broke into my heart like it was Watergate
Sittin so pretty in the palm of your hand
until you started puttin on the squeeze yea
Left me here with blisters on my knees

It was a smash and grab
You stole things I never even knew I had
Smash smash and grab

The more you twisted the more I tangled
The more we struggled the more I strangled
All chained up like a dog in the yard
Chokin every time I try to run away
But I know it’s gonna kill me if I stay

I ain’t no canary I ain’t no snitch
I ain’t droppin no dime for no two bits
I’ll never tell a soul everything you did
But there ain’t no way you’ll ever keep it all hid


You come a creeping in like bloodless coup
back me in the corner of an empty room
Throw me up against the wall and see what sticks
Hit and run and never leave a fingerprint


Now you’re leaving the scene of the accident
I’m stuck in Chappaquidick wonderin where you went
Ain’t nobody left for to clean up your mess
Ain’t nobody left but me I guess
Ain’t nobody left but



I Stay Anyway

Written By: Alison Scott

You’ve got me burned down
strung out
spell bound over you
But my fever’s spiking
pain’s subsiding
my whole life’s riding on you

Every time you hold me close I start to break
Every time I stand my ground it falls away
Even if I’m better off without your love
I know I can’t escape
So I stay anyway

You’ve got me closed in
Losing faith in you
Still this feeling’s rising
We can’t keep hiding
It ain’t worth fighting the truth


Stop, hear me, I believe in you and me baby
Go on and take, take your time
Cause I’ll be here till the end of mine :| 3x

Every time you hold me close I start to break
Every time I stand my ground it falls away
Baby you’re the best mistake I’ve ever made
Even if I’m better off without your love
I know I can’t escape
So I stay anyway


Written By: Alison Scott

I lay here every morning with the feeling that I’m falling
out of synch and out of time
I lay here every morning to the sound of my life calling
but I just blink and rub my eyes

It’s so overwhelming to be on the edge of something great

But I can almost taste its sweetness
and now I’ve found my strongest weakness
I can almost feel it closing in
I almost start believing
I stay up all night long daydreaming
But then I always find myself at almost again

I lay here every morning with bright lights and lyrics running through my head but I can’t get out of bed
I lay here every morning the temptation to get things rolling weighs in again but it’s easier to hide instead

It’s so overwhelming to be on the edge of something great


My soul’s hanging out on the line gotta take what’s mine
but I’m scared to find the end before it begins



Wish On The Moon (2008)
Hiding Under The Covers (2009)
Chinese Whispers (2011)

Alison's debut CD "Wish On The Moon" has received airplay on Cities 97 and The Current in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Set List

Alison can perform 3 full sets of original music, along with covers by Stevie Wonder, Carole King, Prince, Sly & the Family Stone, Bonnie Raitt and Linda Ronstadt.
Audiences will recognize these songs off her new album
Pennies In The Fountain
Wish On The Moon
Crazy Game
How Do You Know?
Little Bit
What The Autumn Brings
When I Wake
along with new songs like
When The Needle Hits The Groove
All The Good's Gone
Just For Us
Here Comes The Fall
Waiting For You