Alison Wedding

Alison Wedding

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Written By: Alison Wedding

She's growin' rather weary
of the ups and the downs.
She feels she's getting older,
her smile fades to a frown.
Seems like everything coming at her these days is a near miss,
and the red flags poppin' up around her leave her anxious.
She wonders why she keeps finding herself in these tricky places,
and she questions how she could misread the honesty she saw in their faces.
Seems like everytime she got the nerve to open up,
they shut her down.
She's getting dizzy from the spin,
trapped within the constant round and round.
But she hopes,
she prays,
that her patience will remain,
as she makes her way through the dark.
It might take a while
to restore her smile,
but she won't stop lookin', searchin, hopin'...