Alissa Mae

Alissa Mae

 Absecon, New Jersey, USA

Alissa Mae is a 20 year old Christian Rock artist from New Jersey. I am a singer/songwriter/entertainer who formed my first band, AIM FC at the age of 11, and spent the last 8 years touring from ME to VA. My most recent EP, entitled 'Intervention' was produced by Paul Colman (newsboys).


alissa mae is a twenty year old singer/songwriter/guitarist from southern new jersey. alissa began playing guitar at the age of eleven, and started christian rock band AIM FC ( in 2002. AIM FC spent the past eight years playing from northern maine to west virginia. the band produced four live albums and two studio albums. in 2008, alissa began to write her own solo music, which she recorded onto demo cds from her basement. her music, which is a mixture of rock, pop, and punk, comes with a powerful, positive, and thought provoking message. in january 2010, alissa mae went to nashville, tn to record a five song EP, which was produced by grammy nominated, international singer, songwriter, and entertainer paul colman (


Intervention EP

AIM FC (Live!)
AIM FC - Waves
AIM FC - 12 Days
AIM FC - Live! (...Again)

Set List

Recently, I have been performing the tracks of my new five song EP. Sometimes, I will do covers of other artists.