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"Alissar in Concert"

Saturday, August 2nd, young singer from Levis, Alissar presents at 9 pm a performance as a release of her new album entitled Unleashed. She will be performing at the Bistro-Bar La Barricade, 59 cote de Passage, in the Old Levis. The album contains original compositions for which she signs both recording and producing.
Do not miss! - Le Peuple Tribune Lévis


2003 - Unleashed, (undistributed) album containing 10 songs and home-recorded by Alissar



Bio.Bio.Bio. Let’s talk about me, shall we? I guess it all started in Montreal, Canada, in 1980. Started, because that’s when & where I took my first breath of air. I should probably mention I grew up in several places, moving all around the country from one place to another and living in West Africa for 2 and a half years with my folks. I’m one of the lucky ones who can say they had parents who loved each other deeply, and never had to live through a divorce. Had, because my father passed away when I was 16. Maybe that turned out to be a turning point for me, and maybe not, but that’s when I decided to trade in the piano I’d been playing for a relentless 7 years and buy my first guitar.

So what do you do when you’re a teenage peace & love freak with a guitar, a voice and a butt load of things to say? You play. You sing. Although today I’ve lost the bell bottoms and the flower power, that’s still what I do. 3 years ago I turned my mom’s office into a studio, albeit a cheap one. What does a girl do when she counts on people, musicians, helping hands, and they end up dogging her? Well I’ll tell you. Me and my cheap recording kit, we decided we were done depending on others to succeed, and together we recorded a 10-song album. That was back in 2003. Sure it took some time, playing all the instruments, learning to be recording artist, producer, and soundman (woman) at the same time, but it was the best time, and now hundreds of peeps around here own Alissar – Unleashed, one of my greatest achievements.

But let me tell you one thing, working a whole year on an album by myself taught me another thing. You do need people around you to keep going. Not just anyone, but people still. Haven’t I heard somewhere that everything happens for a reason? I think so. Shortly after the end of my one-year studio cloistered period, I met those people. Maybe life knew it was only then that I was ready for them, and ready to make the most of the partnership. And I do.

So since any well-structured text needs a conclusion, here’s my sum up. For 10 years now, I’ve been writing, playing, singing. I’ve played gigs all over Quebec, Canada, where I now live. I’ve recorded a whole album by myself and am now working on a project to release new stuff. Is it worth mentioning that I’ve hitch-hiked across Canada, the US and Costa Rica? Or that I have my free-fall skydiving license? Maybe not, but maybe it all adds up to say how passionately extreme I am.

Any more questions? Ask away.