Ali & The DTs

Ali & The DTs


Sleazy Blonde fuckin lunatic singing over dirty riffs! No Nonsence Rock n Roll!


Sometimes transexual U.S army war veteran saxaphone player Bad Beverley joins the band on stage and its gets even sleazier. That sets us apart from neraly any other band on the planet. The best thing about The DTs is that on the night the show can go anywhere. Debauched Blues music with undertones of The Stooges, Velvet Underground, Black Sabbath and Queens of the Stone Age. We got together to get paid so we could afford to get drunk more often. Ali & The Dts would play in a biscuit tin if there was a few quid in it for them. We wanna have a real cool time!


Alcohol Rub

Written By: Moore

We grab our guns and run off to war
like a headless chickens out the door
we wear these frowns as our uniforms
Who needs money when you look this good?


Written By: Moore

I bit her lip
she pulled my hair
i like her skirt
its coming up

Some Cheap Jesus

Written By: Moore

Standin on the street corner smokin tryin to look tough
i see you bend those knees oh the knees that bend yeah!
You got a bag in your pocket for the bags under your lids
Comon and give it up
Give me Some
I know you got some of that Love

Set List

The set is anything between 30 mins and three hours but the chosen set list for the night would be.

Pushin Up The Daises
The Venus Fly Trap
Some Cheap Christ
Let The Devil Burn
Amoral One
Alcohol Rub
(There all original songs)