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The best kept secret in music


"CD Review"

The political bands are sprouting like mushrooms all over this country (okay, maybe they've been there all the time and this is just their time to show their faces). They come in all shapes and sizes, but the most intriguing I've come across of late is Louisville, Kentucky's A Little Revolution.

ALR is a power trio with a white guitarist, a Latino drummer and a Rastafarian bass player. The starting point is power rock, but they have a big bagful of influences and they use every last one of them. "Choking On The Whiff" states the case that these guys harbor a mistrust of the government that informs everything they do. The influences whizz by so quickly, it's almost hard to keep track of them all - but a funny thing happens while running that list. ALR takes them all and turn them into parts of what they are.

The formula is deceptively simple. It's obvious that Ryan Michael Cleary's got a love affair going with his Hendrix collection, and drummer Rob Rowell and bassist King David provide all the propulsion necessary to hold Cleary's feedback flights aloft. ALR avoids the current rock/metal scene like an envelope full of anthrax, instead spinning semi-acoustic webs ("To The Bottom") or surprisingly old-school jams ("Through Thick and Thin"). But this band shines lyrically, and you may not notice it at first.

They aren't writing lyrics to fill space between guitar solos - they're writing parables ("When Dog Meets Wolf"), pointed political statements disguised as teenage reminiscence ("Vote For Kent State"), large themes disguised as small ones ("Earth to Mars"). The full weight of this album doesn't begin to hit you until you go to their web site and read what they're saying (sadly, lyrics aren't provided). And even when spitting out canny hip-hop like "Vicious MC" (an old-time boast like you haven't heard in years), they don't break out any loops or samples - they keep it real and generate the funk with their own hands.

If you are among the growing number of people in this country who are not happy with what The Bush Corporation is doing to the world in our name, if you feel that rage boiling up inside you and you have to find a voice for it, get this record. Louisville is famous for producing baseball bats, and A Little Revolution is just the right size and weight to beat back the rising tide of neo-fascism that is threatening us whether we realize it or not.
- blah3.com

"CD Review"

A Little Revolution is an Avant-Indie-Rock Band. . .indeed.

We are impressed with the unique blend of Rock, Metal, a touch of improvisation with a heavy R&B backdrop, and unique vocal delivery. All this putting you in mind of the movie The Wall. Creating this unique blend are Rob Rowell (drums), Ryan Michael Cleary (guitars) and King David (bass).

We recommend the songs "Choking on the Whiff", "Ain't Too Heavy", and for a unique other view of the group, "To The Bottom". We have a feeling that this band puts on a heck of a live performance, and they're just as powerful on CD. eSoundz ranks them "the flavor of the moment".

- eSoundz Reporter

"CD Review"

A Louisville, Kentucky based label called Twenty-Four/Seven Rock sent a CD by a band called A Little Revolution titled "What is Your Purpose on the Planet?" that really grew on me. It comes off to me as a mix between Kent Ohio’s CD Truth, Queens of the Stone Age and Kings X or even Brian Eno stuff at times. Yeah, a pretty out there range of bands but this is a pretty out there band.

From what I can tell, A Little Revolution hold themselves to no pre-set genere of music. They do what they want AT YOU not FOR YOU. I can’t find a problem with any band doing that. In fact, in the latter moments of the CD they even dive into a rap/hip hop thing (track nine "Vicious MC") that I didn’t really like too much at first but when I really listened to it I can hear a subtle funk beat to the song as well as synthetic hand claps at the very beginning and it drew to me.

I mean, F**K! Its allright man! Allright! After all, I cut my earliest form of music enthusiasm with rap itself. I suppose just as The Clash and The Slits had their infatuation with Reggae, I as well as others have had our humble beginnings with rap. Run-DMC, LL Cool J, UTFO. It was the music of true rebellion in the 80s. My brother had AC/DC and Black Sabbath. Given that, it was only natural that I found my own thing, and rap was it. Imagine an over-weight suburban white boy wearing an army shirt with Run-DMC buttons. I bet that if it was really researched, the members of A Little Revolution and I may have some similar childhood rebellion issues.

"What Is Your Purpose on the Planet?" is varied in its overall picture but there’s some great songs on this disc, the varied sounds just keep the whole release interesting. Some standout tracks include "Earth to Mars" which sounds very Eno-ish and surrenders some psyched-out minimalist progressions throughout the song that make you f**king dream, "Vote for Kent State" which is where I get the whole Kings X thing and tells me that once again there’s something about that area of Ohio that connects me with an elite group of people into a greater unit, and "Final Love Letter" which kind of comes across as sounding like an Embarrassment song. Then there’s the sixth track "Through Thick and Thin" which reminds me of some great lost Queens of the Stone Age song.

Good shit. Recorded well and a gift to listen to.
- blankgeneration.com

"CD Review"

"Frank, is that you?" Such were my thoughts upon hearing A Little Revolution’s "Choking on the Whiff." What is a Louisville band trying to accomplish by sounding like Frank Zappa at the beginning of their debut CD? "Catch your attention!" I can hear you thinking. They certainly did that before the Zappa-esque sound.

The cover photo depicts the universe-size images of drummer Rob Rowell, guitarist Ryan Michael Cleary (aka RMC) and bassist King David huddled around a soccer-ball size planet earth. Provocative? Well, yeah. Though I don’t take ALR’s dogma too seriously (you, faithful reader, are encouraged to make up your own mind), this is an entertaining disc.

While "Choking On the Whiff" is Zappa-esque, and may send the uninitiated to the Zappa catalogue out of curiosity, a CD worthy of your ears A Little Revolution has made. "When Dog Meets Wolf," if you didn’t know better, could be mistaken for a cover of some early Black Sabbath song or outtake. By the way, these comments are more complimentary than a spotlight on a potential lack of originality. "Ain’t Too Heavy," heavy on the bass and the crinkled porkpie hat, is not, but could be an updated and intense cover of some old Tom Waits tune (think Small Change or Blue Valentine).

The overall feeling of this disc is music in a pressure cooker. The mild exception to that is, ironically, the two and a-half minutes of the rap-infected "Vicious MC." Whether they mean it or not, I can’t help but take it as a parody.

According to their website, A Little Revolution aims to "create music that will make mainstream rock bands sound like formulaic, boring, corporate elevator music." If you think mainstream rock bands need help with that, feel free to join ALR’s party. www.alittlerevolution.com is the place to go for further information and all your liberalism-in-the-heartland rhetorical needs.
- Louisville Music News


Full Length CD: "What Is Your Purpose On The Planet?"

Want to hear more ALR? You can check out the rock, hip hop, blues and acoustic demo tracks for the new album at: http://www.alittlerevolution.com/01music.htm


Feeling a bit camera shy


Combining the raw power of the MC5, the stuttering time shifts of Bad Brains, the Sunday morning soul of Marvin Gaye, the dusty folk of C,S,N,&Y, and the overt spiritual/political statements of Bob Marley, A Little Revolution strives to create music that will make mainstream rock bands sound like formulaic, boring, corporate elevator music.

Prior to their defection to the Revolution:

RMC was a high-ranking official at an advertising agency, where he practiced the black arts of corporate propaganda.

King David worked as a preacher, passing the collection plate while saving souls from hellfire and certain damnation.

Rob worked as a firemarshall, learning the ins and outs of molitov cocktails and arson.

ALR are currently off-tour and in the studio working on their next album but are available for selected showcases. Previous Sonic Bids have been awarded for the Six Flags Rock N' Ride Festival, the Millenium Music Festival and the MidPoint Music Festival.