Alius Spero

Alius Spero


Alius Spero is a young, energetic rock band. They blend pop-punk, alternative, emo, and straight-up rock into their songs with powerful vocals throughout. They are motivated, ambitious, and ready to play anywhere.


The trio came together in early 2005. After playing relentlessly and recording, they put out their first cd in October of 2005. Since then, they have played out everywhere they could. Alius Spero have been conquering the club/bar circuit throughout Cape Cod and are starting to make their mark in Boston. With catchy hooks, solid vocal harmonies, well written songs, and (not to mention) good looks; this band is ready to take what anyone throws at them.

Zack Gowan and Dave Place started the band in junior high playing acoustic guitars on the streets of Hyannis, MA; Old Orchard, ME; and Falmouth, MA. In doing this, they learned how to use and project their well harmonized voices very well. After going through 5 drummers, they finally found one that stuck, Brian Latimer. They knew Brian was destined to be their drummer when Zack and Dave found out that their last drummer (Jake Ricker) was Brian's long-lost brother!! They were both adopted from birth and accidentally found eachother through the band. What a small world, anyway...

Alius Spero is ready to hit the road for any show that comes to them. They are extremely versitile and have a variety of diverse songs. No matter where they are or who they are playing for, the bottom line is the boys of Alius Spero have a passion for playing music.



Written By: Dave Place

I drive back to a place called home
And I wanted to be the first to say
Two weeks and I’m still not ok

(And I)
I wanted to be there
But see some things never change
(And you)
You wanted everything

Secluded I will live my life
Alone and always in my mind
These thoughts no on will ever know
They won’t understand

I’m going to be perfectly honest
I’m holding back all that I want to say
But who cares anyway

(And I)
I wanted you to be
The only one to know

Back to reality with all eyes on me
I keep searching for
These words I never want to say
Never want to say


Written By: Dave Place

The times that passed us by are all we have left
And it’s been only half a year
I’ve been thinking you leaving isn’t such a good idea after all
But I know it’s not where you want to be
This is where you have to be

You know I’m waiting for
Spring break to come
Before we know it you’ll be already home

Can I be the one to say
You’ve got two days left
To be mine, to lean on

Another should because mine will be three hours away
And I’ve wasted time
I don’t think you’ll like the things I’m about to say
Follow your own gut instincts now
I’ll let you go without a fight
Prepare yourself to be let down
And don’t think everything’s alright

You know I’m waiting for
Summer time to come
Before we know it you’ll be already home

Can I be the one to say
You’ve got another thing coming
If you don’t mind, If you don’t mind
I want to watch the time go by

This Isn't Me

Written By: Zack Gowan

I’m fighting my way back home, I thought I lost it,
Feeling the wake, all my days are breaking,
Feeling afraid, O! My hands are shaking, now,
If I could only, Jump of this train, start my life over,
Get on again, but this time slower, now,
This isn’t me

This is not the way I expected this to be
Please give me another try
To make you see this isn’t me

I never know where I am, I’ve surely lost,
Thinking of days, surely mistaken,
All of my ways, must be forsaken, now,
I know the way I acted before was surely crazy,
Never thought it could make me loose you baby,
This isn’t me.

This isn’t, this isn’t, this couldn’t be me, I never thought you would ever see


"Satisfied?" 6 song EP - 2005

If you like our music, feel free to listen to more of our songs at

Set List

Our sets range from 20 minutes to 2 1/2 hours (with breaks) depending on the venue.

We do all originals with a few covers on an average set.

Typical Originals
1. Everything
2. It's Been Too Long
3. Secluded
4. DC
5. Now or Never
6. The Embodiment of Our Modern Youth
7. This Isn't Me
8. Regrets
9. Honeymoon in Paradise
10. Complications
11. Failed and Fleeting
12. Love Doesn't Quit
13. Never Breathe
14. Satisfied?

Typical Covers:
1. Semi-Charmed Life- Third Eye Blind
2. The Impression that I Get- Mighty Mighty Bosstones
3. Pretty Baby- Spin Doctors
4. Anthem- Good Charlotte
5. Mr. Brightside- The Killers
6. All the Small Things- Blink 182
7. Answer the Phone- Sugar Ray
8. Dare You to Move- Switchfoot
9. Sugar We're Going Down- Fall Out Boy
10. Island In the Sun- Weezer
11. Santeria- Sublime
12. When I Come Around- Green Day
13. Kryptonite- 3 Doors Down
14. Last Train Home- Lost Prophets
15. Here's to the Night- Eve 6
16. Just What I Needed- The Car