Ali Vann

Ali Vann


Ali Vann is more than just an artist & his music.
He is a ball of limitless talent, professionalism
and creative ingenuity. his sound is a progressive,edgy mix of several genres.
He not like your everyday peanut butter on the shelf.
He is however in one simple term.....
Pure organic energy!


Ali Vann music comes from a production stand point. He is bless to have the ability to produce the music & write the songs, this allows him to tap into music and its many diverse topics more quickly.

Ali Vann's musical creations are a diverse mix of pop-electro/dance, pulling from elements of hiphop and r&b. As you can imagine this makes for an interesting mix.

In addition to being an artist, he has experience producing and writing for other talent. This added bonus gives his creativy a wild, unquenched, quality that can be heard echoing through he's master pieces.