Alive Day

Alive Day


A true modern rock band for these ever changing times...catchy songs with the kind of substance that makes you no longer yearn for the days of the great singer songwriters. Their record Blindsided By Hope takes the listener back and to somewhere new and unexplored!!


A scene out of our lives.....the songs of Alive Day bring you back and take you somewhere new and unexplored. Their debut album "Blindsided By Hope" is at last completed. Alive Day began in 2006 and has been writing and performing ever since. Dan Arrecis, lead singer, guitar player, and principal songwriter has put together a powerful and moving debut. Drummer Matt Torossi, guitarist Brian Unger, and bassist Kathy Green along with a wonderful cast of supporting musicians bring a dynamic energy that takes the music from its beautiful simplicity and turn it into band with color, identity, and authority!!
The band currently engages audiences by performing in venues throughout Chicago while expanding to regional and national exposure. This modern rock bands speaks to their audience by their songs of shared experiences and engaging and challenging our changing times. Every listen to "Sparkle and Shimmer" or "Drifting" tells a different story with every play..and with hooks that keep you singing and moving from their pure rock energy!!



Written By: Dan Arrecis

Stay With Me
I'm Alone Tonight
Baby Please
Say Its Alright
I've been cornered and I can't hide
Through all that i've denied
But I am trying to keep holding on
Trying to believe this is the one
While slipping away and Drifting
It seems to me
No matter how I try
Make believe
Just one more time
I've been looking for love I can't
Trying to see since gone blind
Every chance I let pass me by
Leaving me so far behind
Just out of reach


Blindsided By Hope 2008, 3 song demo 2006

Set List

Higher, Drifting, Sparkle and Shimmer, Only A Rumor, All of My Life, When We Were Angels, Almost Tonight, I Guess It Was Supposed To Rain Today, She's Like Sunday, Moonlight Special, Departures