Aliver Hall

Aliver Hall

 Akron, Ohio, USA

An anthemic array of original jam-rock characterized by upliftingly melodic verses and choruses, intriguingly progressive interludes, impressive solos, bright vocal harmonies, and experimental improvisation. Each set offers something a little different.


Hailing from Akron, Ohio, Aliver Hall brings rock and roll to its happy place, while at the same time getting down and dirty. Anthemic, uplifting energy characterizes the group's live show, which continues to leave audiences wanting more across Ohio and beyond. A fury of progressive rock drumming forms the foundation, while mind-blowing bass lines weave in and out of vintage-toned guitar rhythms. Lush vocal harmonies round out the band's sound, which features as much heady structure as loose improvisation and jamband-inspired soloing. While Aliver Hall is most at home on stage, they have released two studio efforts to date—"Welcome to Aliver Hall" and "Chasing the Rain"—that have been received with critical acclaim. Their first live album—"Live Summer and Fall 2011"—has also impressed critics, capturing the band's unique stage presence on the recording. Now in their third year together, the band is on track to play 60+ shows in 2012, and another studio effort is on the horizon.


Smiling Backward

Written By: Alex Hall

In the stillness
you're smiling backward.
Playing “amb-ignorant,”
frowning forward.

Break the brakes
but don't accelerate.
Coasting up
will never prove your fate.

will send us homeward.

In the light of the setting sun,
ring the dinner bell and watch 'em come.

Falling rocks
along the towpath.
Trouble abounds,
but we can just laugh.

Once upon a time
we had it right.
Setting up,
but then it turned to night.

And forgetting everything
that we had.

Taste of extra and they're making plans.
Grasping everything in giant hands.

All along
you had it coming.
Just a bridge they say
but holding.

Keeping still just to
stay in place.
Frowning all the time you're
saving face.

All up to them
from the beginning.

All the chances left of seeing through
Rest in knowing what you just can't do.

From a Dream

Written By: Alex Hall

Everything slow motion,
like tripping in the snow.
A symphony of silence plays,
as the sense of senses grows.

Awe aware, amazed anew,
like waking from a dream.
Though a spark's upon the air,
nothing's what it seems.

Realizing what's to see
and where it was before
piques the curiosity,
revealing even more.

Home's an unfamiliar place
as viewed in different light;
a brightness of perspective
bathes everything in sight.

With the light is dark revealed,
and nothing passes by.
Like the falling shadow snow:
a trick upon the eye.

Waking then as from a dream,
nevermore to lie—

Mind Over Matter

Written By: Alex Hall

If you think it will it happen
And if you don't will it still?
It's all mind over matter—
bend the spoon, read the card,
you can't see it.
Can you tell what I'm thinking right now?
Oooooo – ooo
I don't wanna get hit by a car.
It won't happen,
but I might meet my lady
if I don't see it coming.
It's all mind over matter.
I thought it so it ain't gonna happen.
I didn't so now it will.
I told myself that it wouldn't—and it did.
I said it would and so it won't.

If I ponder for too long I'll lose it,
and then forget it altogether.
Then I won't see it coming, and it will.
Oooooo - oooo—mind over matter.
I thought it so it ain't gonna happen.
I didn't so now it will.
I told myself that it wouldn't—and it did.
I said it would and so it won't.


Written By: Alex Hall

Try to appease,
but only tease,
moving what were static lines.

of time and [love]:
all reduced to simple lines.

Cliché accounts
of what amounts
just to reading between the lines.

that everything
is really just another set of lines.

Renditions lack
the same attack
for living up to finished lines.

But then to concede
the preconceived:
wax poetic inside the lines.

Space won't appease
(no) boundaries,
no matter how they draw their lines.

Within's the route
to make it out—
even in spite of the surrounding lines.


Self-titled EP - 2010
Welcome to Aliver Hall - 2011
Live Summer and Fall 2011 - 2011
Chasing the Rain - 2012

Set List

Aliver Hall can play sets anywhere from thirty minutes to all night long. The band's sound is built on straightforward rock and roll, but with an improvisational edge, so songs can be stretched out depending on the mood and set length. A song list is below.


Every Day
From a Dream
Taking Over
Blue Gene
Mind Over Matter
Chasing the Rain
Wishing Stones
Smiling Backward
Broken Impressions
Shake and Fly
A Way to the Heart
Melody Comes
I Wanna Be High
I Wanna Be High (reprise I)
I Wanna Be High (reprise II)
I Wanna Be High (reprise III)
I Wanna Be High (reprise IV)


Sugar Magnolia (Grateful Dead)
You and Whose Army (Radiohead)
Bertha (Grateful Dead)
Bright Side of the Sun (Men Without Hats)
All Along the Watchtower (Dylan)
Tombstone Blues (Dylan)
Maggie's Farm (Dylan)
Dear Prudence (Beatles)
Revolution #1 (Beatles)
Seseame Street Theme (TV's Sesame Street)
Five to One (Doors)
Fearless (Pi