A Living Soundtrack

A Living Soundtrack


A Living Soundtrack is a instrumental rock/electronic quartet who combine live instruments with highly customized electronic gadgetry to create unique performances. Sounds range from bluesy ambiance to difficult electronica with many stops along the way.


A Living Soundtrack started as an impromptu studio collaboration between two old friends that resulted in what would become the self-titled EP. As the duo continued to write music, a live band formed around the work and the current lineup of A Living Soundtrack was born. A Living Soundtrack has become a staple of the re-emerging experimental rock scene in post-Katrina New Orleans and the gulf south. The overall style is hard to describe since each song is fundamentally different than the last, yet sets are mostly seamless with only one or two breaks to address the crowd. The music has been described as very visual and textural, almost narrative of some elusive theme. Sets are frequently accompanied by a live projected video performance.


"A Living Soundtrack - EP"

Set List

Sets are generally 30-60 mins. Songs are generally blended with transitions instead of stopping. We typically end with a "cover" of Debussy's "Clair de Lune" or the Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows"