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Born Ali Zaidi aka Aleezy, this artist / song-writer has been building his resume up for quite some time now. In an industry where big dreamers get eaten alive, Mr. Zaidi has done an outstanding job keeping himself in-tuned with reality.
"Its more or less a blessing from god if you struggle, regardless it keeps your mind on an objective."

No outsider to the harsh realities of life, his father was murdered under tragic political circumstances at the tender age of two. Migrating from a third-world along with a single mother into the states in the early 90's embedded his roots and taught Mr. Zaidi the value of culture. Grateful for the opportunities America presented was overshadowed at times by the pangs of poverty and social oppression.

"I believe that any environment in this country is cut-throat, either you can become a victim of your surroundings or use them to your advantage." 

Economic circumstances forced Mr. Zaidi and his family to move from San Jose, Ca. to Falls Church, Va. By age fifteen, he was taking to stages and working with local acts all around. Showcasing his talents drew on-lookers from every ethnicity and background because of the emotion entrenched in his music. Using music more like his own personal release therapy, it seemed more like rehabilitation to Mr. Zaidi and a means of channeling out negativity than anything else.

"My music to me is unique to me because it personifies me and only ME."

Understanding that the industry today is much different than the original hip-hop Mr. Zaidi grew up loving entailed maturing himself as an artist. Its no secret the limelight seemed to fade away close associates, acquaintances and accomplices at times while moving from city to city due to several reasons. Witnessing how much of a facade this industry is, how unrepresented his area, his origins and non-gimmick hip-hop has become Mr. Zaidi has attracted some ill-tempered critics towards himself and his music. Working alongside T.T.M. currently to solidify entrepreneurs breaking a movement like never before. No doubt, this young artist is destined to break musical barriers, set landmarks and bring about a new kind of vibe into mainstream America.

"Tell every copycat their futures bleak, we creating something epic."