Aliza and the KGB (Klezmer Gypsy Boys)

Aliza and the KGB (Klezmer Gypsy Boys)

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

Aliza and the KGB deliver Klezmer music with a Gypsy heart. Aliza's expressive voice and theatrical presence blend perfectly with Eli's smooth clarinet and sax-playing like a bagel with cream cheese. Butler, Koulack, and Posen make up a world- class string section that ranges from Jazz to Bluegrass.


Aliza and the KGB (Klezmer Gypsy Boys) are an acoustic Klezmer, Gypsy, Blues band that sings in English, French, Yiddish, Russian, and Spanish.

Aliza Amihude's expressive voice and theatrical presence blend perfectly with Eli Herscovitch's smooth clarinet and sax-playing like a bagel with cream cheese. Timothy J. Butler, Daniel Koulack, and Ariel Posen make up a world-class string section.

Aliza and the KGB, the best Klezmer Gypsy band in the world, was formed last decade when like minds and hearts began to harmonize the Black Sea with the Red Sea, and Dundee with des Champs d’Elysée, brilliantly blending a winning class of World Music.

This Winnipeg-based band’s repetoire includes original Klezmer and Gypsy tunes, Jazz standards translated into Yiddish, French Swing Tunes, and Russian Folk Songs. Aliza and the KGB’s excellent musicianship and lively performance will resonate in your heart for years.

Aliza Amihude – Vocals, Percussion
Born in St. Bomiface, Manitoba and raised on Nana Maskouri, Jaques Brel, and Yemenite prayers, Aliza has been singing odd songs in various voices since she was a young child. Singing professionally since 2000 as Small Girl with co-composer, Jeff Presslaff, their latest CD, Big Banana, was released and performed at Burning Man 2008. She has performed at the Calgary Arts Centre, in Montreal, the Jazz Winnipeg Festival and at several theatres and clubs around Winnipeg. Amihude has lived in several countries, is 4’10’’, and speaks 4 languages.

Eli Herscovitch – Woodwinds, Harmonica
Performed with Sid Rabinovitch at Gala New Music Festival with Wpg Symphony Orchestra ; Manitoba Arts Council recipient to develop original stories from Eastern Europe as storytelling with classical & contemporary music backup ; leader of his dance band for 25 years ; developed & performed 5 different concerts with unique groups at the Music ‘N’ Mavens series ; performed in the orchestra for the live theatre production of ‘’Strike’’ ; performed at Jazz Wpg festivals with various bands, most recently wiith Aliza and the KGB ; founding member of Juno-nominated Finjan klezmer band for 15 years, performing at many festivals across North America ; included in Winnipeg’s Indigenous Festival performing with Amjad Sabir from Pakistan, playing a blend of Indian music with added western elements ; and performed a concert of music and poetry with Montreal poet, Robyn Sarah

Ariel Posen – Guitar, Mandolin
Ariel also plays with Sierra Noble, Ron Paley, Keith & Renee, the New Lightweights, Groovy Moustache and much more. In the last 6 months, he’s played theatres and festivals in Vancouver, Saskatoon, Calgary, Toronto, Halifax, Dawson city, the Savannah Music Festival in Savannah, Georgia, and opened for Kid Rock and Bon Jovi at the Canad Inns Stadium. He also played on and produced the Chai Folk Ensemble’s new album, "Wanderings"
Timothy J. Butler – Guitar, Violin, Mandolin
Performed at Jazz Winnipeg and Winnipeg Folk Festivals; collaborated with many musicians including Lou Pride and James Cotton; plays regularly at many clubs all around Manitoba; traveled throughout Europe to study the guitar styles of Django Reinhardt, Gypsy music, and Celtic finger-picking. Wrote, played, and recorded 5 CD’s of his original acoustic music.

Daniel Koulack – Upright bass
Made his professional debut on the banjo at age twelve at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. He keeps busy as a multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger and composer; performed and recorded with the Winnipeg Symphony; appeared at the WSO's Centera New Music Festival ; toured with Finjan, Swing Soniq, Both Ends of the Earth, and the Knappen Street All-Star Band.


Comes Love
Hora Stacatto
It Don't Mean a Thing

Set List

Our repertoire includes original Klezmer and Gypsy tunes, Jazz standards translated into other languages, and music from Bulgaria, Romania, and Yemen.

Example of a one hour set:
1. Freilach 3 - original Klezmer tune
2. Comes Love (English/Yiddish)
3. Tain't No Sin
4. Don't Mean a Thing (Yiddish/English)
5. Love for Sale (English/Yiddish)
6. Night at the Belgian Club - original Gypsy tune
7. My Heart Belongs to Daddy
8. Plus Je T'embrasse (French)
9. Hora Stacatto

Aliza and the KGB also do more original material with words in Spanish, Arabic, English, & French.

We are available to play two hours of material.