Ali Zuccato

Ali Zuccato


"Ali Zuccato leaves audiences mezmerized with her vocal capability. Songs such as Crazy On You by Heart and Black Velvet by Alannah Myles pose no challenge to Ali in the ability required to accuratly cover the songs. It is no mystery why she has opened for Teenagehead, Destroyer and the Spoons."


Since she was 5, Ali Zuccato has been on stage. Singing, dancing, acting, whatever she could do to be infront of people. She has said that she feels more comfortable infront of a large crowd than a small group. Ali has performed in competition, various music festivals, and was the anthem singer for both the Toronto Marleys and theHamilton Bulldogs. At the age of 13, Ali won a competition to perform in concert with the "diva's" of Hamilton where she performed "Hero" by Mariah Carey. She has opened for bands such as Teenagehead, The Spoons, and Destroyers. Ali has been doing regular shows at the Rockpile in Etobicoke. She is enrolled in the Jazz Vocal program at Humber College where she has developed her skills in musical theory. Ali is currently working on an EP that is expected to be released in July 2012.


EP to be released July 2012