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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Solidified Promotion"

Rock with feel and attitude that gropes your senses, creating a palpitating desire for more like a 1-2-3 smack of rock crack that uncharacteristically feeds your soul while sugaring your brain. Their compositions are musically diverse with pop depth and vibe, ranging from screaming fury to stone-y groove.

- Solidified Promotor


Alkai Diggins enjoys Tool and The Tea party, which makes them first of all very pleasant, because particularly the highly gifted Canadians rank definitely also among my closest favorite circle. The preference for the acts mentioned reveals itself however not in a clear influencing control, but rather in the attitudes independently-sounding, playing hard rock faraway from trends, expectations and cliches. Grunge influences of now extinct alternative icons, one can definitely clearly locate, the five musicians have in its hometown, Seattle, particularly with numbers like "Hatchet Wounds" or "El Capitan" singer Ben Green definitely sounds occasionally like a raw variant of Eddie Vedder, whereby also aggressive screaming is performed, which fits very well with everything else rather than the smoothly ironed sound of group Sound der Truppe, because likewise here prevails a latent metallic impact side, which already deflects in the case of "Silhouette" toward being already rightly 'new'. That said, the arranged Digipack "Dialectic" is anyhow a successful find fit for friends for - I call it now simply in such a way - "heavy independent alternative stuff", which could become the Promo-word case of this month and probably or perhaps is also a new style designation. (in any case I will then request Copyrights!). Note: checking this out is actually already necessary due to the cool mixture of different style elements, as a rough reference point one could set Alkai Diggins on the map as a tasty mouth-watering cocktail like Tool, My Sister's Machine, Pearl Jam, Thought Industry and Nudeswirl. Contact promoter Solidified or their web page directly: - Christoph Lvecker

"CD Smash"


Produced by: Jason Shavey and Alkai Diggins

Sometimes great packaging is misleading. Sometimes the package is the best part of the cd. But sometimes there are those rare occasions when the content is as good as the package or maybe even better. This is one of those rare times.

AlkaiDiggins is a heavy/hardcore, in your face type of band. These guys have put together a 10 song cd that will blow your head off! From the opening chords of “Married at 19” the band provides heavy riffs, melody and a great production throughout the entire cd.

I always hate to make comparisons but in this case I think it is appropriate. AlkaiDiggins is a modernized encarnation of another era. Their music has a Savatage, Fates Warning type of feel with a very modern sound and production. If you are a fan of metal and like it heavy “Dialectic” should be on your must buy list.

Check em' out for yourself:
- Kerry


Time Bomb


Feeling a bit camera shy


The rise of Alkai Diggins signals the beginning of a powerful new wave of bands from the Pacific Northwest. With a sound at once driving, brooding, and tight, Alkai Diggins will grab you, rattle you, scream in your face, and leave you grinning for more.

With songs that channel the energy of a fight about to break out, Alkai Diggins situate themselves within the music of the Tea Party, Pearl Jam, and Tool, but also within the writings of Charles Bukowski, the movie Full Metal Jacket, and the artwork of Brom. They swallow and churn these influences together, and allow the result to emerge on its own, shaped but uncensored. The group’s live shows feed on this openness - and their willingness to leave every ounce of themselves on stage has earned them a loyal following.

In 2003, the band released Dialectic, their first full-length recording and a testiment to their individual talents coming together as a whole. Ben Green’s vocals recall the untamed passion of Eddie Vedder, climbing from a rumble to a scream within the space of a breath. JR Stewart establishes the group’s relentlessness on drums. Justin Atkinson’s bass pumps energy from the depths, up through the interweaving growls and bright melodic riffs of Ryan Price and Dan Hirata on guitar. The album uses symbolic imagery and raw power to move the listener past words and into direct engagement. Dialectic includes the crowd favorite “Silhouette,” which features a sparse groove and the vocals of a singer ripping himself inside out. The infectious “Syd Tries Infancy” combines straight-up rock and roll with searching lyrics, alternately spoken and sung. Other tracks range from the insinuating vibrations and twitches of “Shudders,” to the surprising gentleness of “Ravenna,” an acoustic showcase for the group’s considerable musicianship.

For the members of Alkai Diggins, music is more than just something they do - it’s the deeper path they’ve chosen. “I feel we all owe music our lives,” says Green, ”because in most cases we wouldn’t be on this earth without it.” They also see themselves as part of a more complex world than the radio admits to. Price states, “As the pace quickens everywhere, we are constantly being reminded that contents are under pressure, like molecules exposed to an open flame. Why are we shown the heat but never the way to relieve the pressure? That’s what music is. It is the valve, the thing that determines and maintains that thin balance.”