Drawing from the Age when societal allegiance was systemic, and the ability to progress was difficult and exhausting. Alkamyme breaks down these times and unites everyone as one. Plug this into a 5000 watt amp and the Order of Alkamyme will undertake any party to a night of spirited, supercharged MAAAYHEM!!!


It was the year 1144 and Lord Ecks and Sir Bolt were up late in their laboratory mixing potions and experimenting in their continuous quest for the philosophers' stone. That night, something went terribly wrong and they were transported 868 years into the present day. Not much else is known about the duo, though one can witness their attempts to modify modern day technology to get home.

The Alkamyme sound is a chivalrous blend of sultry synth leads rolling over energizing electric basslines, charged with drum rhythms that keep the crowd going and going and going...

Incorporating live immersive visual technology combined with DJ and live performance software, Alkamyme is a live DJ and performance duo that will blast a party into sensory ecstacy.

They have even constructed proprietary software and hardware their keep in Brooklyn, and constructed performances fused with electro, house, dubstep, breakbeat and complextro.