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"Bulan For The Beat In Brooklyn"

Starting at 6pm on March 22nd at Matthattan's CODA, and again on March 23rd at Brooklyn's Southpaw, the "New York Collective of One World Beat Artists" will be performing in a spectacular line-up featuring six artists or bands per evening, all to benefit OWB's "Give A Child A Chance" education campaign. Organized by OWB USA Coordinator, Lisa G. Humphrey--herself one of the performers--this incredible group of caring creatives features F.L. Jones and the F.B.B., Mic Jones, Ayanda Hutchinson Band, Eve Torturo Band, Kaissa, Durand's Funky Blues, and Phife at CODA, and the Wonderland Orchestra, Nicole "Byrd" Johnson, Rashani, Lisa Humphrey, Bulan, and Ali Shaheed Muhammed at Southpaw.

Singer and songwriter Bulan (also known as Alkebulan, whose name means "land of original people") captivates audiences with her powerful vocals and equally strong messages. Her original songs are infused with themes of life, love, reality, drama, and heartache. She surrounds herself with talented musicians, and the result is a daring mosaic of groove-minded invention and introspection, which blends musical prowess with message-driven lyrical expression. Drawing on the roots of her African lineage, she creates music with the pulse and rhythms of jazz, soul, R&B, hip-hop, pop, rock, dance and reggae, which has helped her to develop a body of work uniquely her own.

Bulan, raised in a family of talented musicians and singers, grew up listening to the words and poetry of then brother-in-law, Felipe Luciano (political activist and one of the founders of the 1960's organization, the Young Lords), and the music of her godfather Eddie Palmieri (the preeminent Latin-Jazz Grammy award-winning musician). An audition for music legend Paul Simon for his Broadway production, "The Capeman", first led her to take her musical talent seriously, and--although that project was ultimately unsuccessful--she is featured on "Songs from the Capeman", which Simon produced. She has also worked alongside singer/songwriter and political activist Ruben Blades, and pop sensation, Mark Anthony.

She has performed and toured major cities around the world with Freedom Williams, of the highly successful C and C Music Factory, and became the new voice of such hits as "Rock 'n' Roll", "Do You Wanna Get Funky", and "Pride (A Deeper Love)." The hit, "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)", was re-released in Europe in 2004 with Bulan at the vocal helm, alongside Williams. It has garnered rave reviews and is getting major spin at clubs and on the radio. In New York, she has performed at CBGB'S, Groove, The Culture Club, and the now legendary Palladium, with her band TBMIG (pronounced TA-BIMME-GEE , which means "The Black Man Is God"), otherwise known as G.A.M.E. when performing without her.

She recently recorded some songs for Disney Records' latest children's album, "Mickey's Dance Party", and promoters involved with the project are clamoring for the release of "Pride (In Your Soul)", featuring Bulan, K1, and Freedom. The song is a tribute to the late great David Cole and the legendary Babatunde Olatunji. It features a 16-bar rap by Freedom Williams and a chant in the intro by Trinidad native K1. With thought-provoking statements regarding social responsibility and education, Bulan is both a genuine performer and socially-conscious artist. She is preparing her own album now, which will feature artists such as Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, and Marc Anthony, as well as Steve Perry. She says that one of her greatest honors would be to one day record with David Bowie, who she credits with saving her life.

Bulan has recently been named the Vice President of the Rufus Perry Foundation, where she is in charge of research and project development. Every year the foundation donates a $1000 scholarship to African-American students who excel in academics and who wish to study African culture at the university level. Rufus Perry was the great-great grandfather of Freedom Williams; he was born a slave in Smith County, Tennessee, and escaped from slave-traders to freedom in Canada. He learned to write Hebrew, Latin, and Greek, and became a scholar who penned classic books on the African and Greek people.

Bulan has made it her mission to break as many stereotypes as did Rufus Perry before her. Her unique, compelling voice, coupled with the ability to reach the hearts and minds of an audience, has made Bulan an exceptional talent sure to take her fans to a higher level of music appreciation. - One World Beat News

"City Parks Concerts 2004"

Highbridge Park - Tuesdays
173rd St. & Amsterdam Ave.

August 10, 2004 “Best Stuff in NYC”, sponsored by Snapple
SI*SE: New York’s own, Si*Se has been described by the Los Angeles Times as, “(a) fusion of chilly electronic beats with a warm, pan-Latino sensibility.”

ALKEBULAN: Singer/songwriter Alkebulan (meaning land of the original people) captivates audiences with her powerful vocals and equally strong messages. She studied the roots of her Puerto Rican lineage and found the history of a people connected to the pulse and rhythms of jazz, R&B, hip-hop, dance and even reggae.

""SOL VILLAGE" - Hosted By Eric Roberson @ S.O.B.'s NYC> Feb. 9th, 2005- FEATURED ARTIST: ALKEBULAN"

On behalf of SOBS Productions, we would like to thank everyone who attends our monthly series “Solvillage”. Last Solvillage was really awesome. For those of you who were not present, well perhaps you can catch the next one, it was a memorable evening with many great talents.

The evening began as usual with our host Eric Roberson, whom of course is an incredible singer/songwriter himself. He opened up the night with a very soulful freestyle song that he made up on the spot about the weather and the people in the crowd. Of course, with a band as talented and tight as “The Collective” it was not a difficult task at all to rock the crowd, even with a totally unplanned “freestyle song”. The evening continued with Eric Roberson calling up 6 different artists who performed their two songs with the help of the Collective band, it was a very smooth transition between the different artists. During the short break, the crowd enjoyed a special art presentation by a local New York artist Karey Maurice titled “Unspoken word”. Of course, the featured artist was “RAHEEM DEVAUGHN” The new voice of soul music, Raheem is currently signed on Jive Records, the label was very supportive of the event, they came out in large numbers, and Raheem gave everyone a full set that kept everyone focused from beginning to the end of the show….wow….SOLVILLAGE IS THE BOMB said the Jive Records executives…

It was also nice to see many people walking around, checking out the different vendors who set up along the walls in the club, the vendors displayed a great diversity of products, ranging from custom made jewelry to clothing and crafts etc…

Of course, the evening ended with the traditional “Solvillage Finale” where all the performers got on stage together, and each artist gets a chance to freestyle and in their own way sang good bye to the loving crowd.

This coming Solvillage wed Feb 9th, we are bringing you another selection of the best Neo-Soul /R&B voices around, the featured artist will be ALKEBULAN - she has performed here in the past, ALKEBULAN can be described with one word: “MINDBLOWING” - DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS SOLVILLAGE!!



* Songs from the Capeman Soundtrack
(Album/Warner Bros. Records/1997)

* Mickey�s Dance Party
(Album/Disney Records/2004)

* RMD Vs. C and C Music Factory featuring Freedom
Williams and The Exchange
(Album/UK Release/2004)

* "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance
Now)": C and C Music Factory
(Single/UK Release/Mega Bop/Universal/2004)

* Pride (In Your Soul): C and C Music Factory
featuring Bulan, Freedom Williams and K1
(Single/UK Release/Inversus Records/2005)

* FWE Wendy Williams Diss Mix CD
(Various Artists/Freedom Williams Ent./2005)

* Rhymes For Treason: Welfare Poets
(featured vocalist/Welfare Poets/2005)

* I Eat You Eat ("Heaven"): A-Alikes
(featured vocalist/Nervous Records/2006)

* Rebel Soul
(debut solo LP/Freedom Williams Ent./2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Alkebulan is a singer/songwriter who can captivate every audience with her powerful vocals and strong messages. It is a stimulating potion of deep emotions, breathtaking melodies, rich harmonies, and a dynamic vocal range. The name Alkebulan (pronounced ah-kha-buh-lan) is one of the indigenous names for Africa. Her songs revolve around themes of life, love, reality, and heartache. Together with her talented live band, they compose a mosaic of grooves which touches the souls of audiences of all ages and races.

As a performer, Alkebulan possesses natural warmth that quickly embraces the audience. Her music is awkwardly labeled by some listeners as Neo Soul � which she is, but with a twist; we call it Rebel Soul. Alkebulan�s musical palette is a diverse collage: R&B, Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, Dance, Reggae and Latin, which helped her to create music unique unto her. �My music is about the people,� she says. �I strive to free people from some of the mental trivia that is injected into their brains on a daily basis.�

She was raised in a family of talented musicians and singers such as her godfather, Grammy winner Jazz great Eddie Palmieri. Alkebulan did not pursue an entertainment career seriously until she landed an opportunity to be a part of music legend Paul Simon�s Broadway production and soundtrack for The Capeman. This project allowed her the opportunity to work alongside singer/songwriter Ruben Blades, as well as Latin Pop sensation Marc Anthony.

Alkebulan later auditioned for Freedom Williams of the multi-platinum, Grammy Award winning pop group C and C Music Factory. Instantly, she became the new lead vocalist of such hits like Rock n� Roll, Sweat, Do You Wanna Get Funky, and Pride (A Deeper Love). In 2004, �Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)� was re-recorded as a European release featuring Alkebulan as the lead vocalist alongside Freedom Williams. The single has garnered rave reviews throughout the Europe, received major spins in the nightclubs and heavy rotation from the Deejays on European radio stations.

Her career has been blossoming ever since. Besides her role as an artist, Alkebulan is the Vice President of the Rufus Perry Foundation. She is in charge of research and project development. Every year the foundation donates $1,000 in a scholarship to African American students who excel in academics and who wish to study African culture at university level.

In addition to being C and C�s lead vocalist, Alkebulan has begun to focus on her solo aspirations. She recently recorded some songs for Disney Records, and has been working amongst the industry�s most respected musicians on the New York club circuit. �Bulan has taken her profession to the next level by signing to Freedom Williams Entertainment (FWE) as a solo recording artist in 2005. She recently finished recording her incredible debut album titled Rebel Soul.

The album�s brilliant production is handled by Ra-Sun, Freedom Williams, and DJ Wise. Fans are treated to additional remix singles for "Not Love At First Sight" by Kenny Dope (Luther Vandross, Janet Jackson) and the club banger "Pride" dance remix by Friscia & Lamboy (Donna Summer, Justin Timberlake). Alkebulan has made it her mission to break the barriers in today�s popular music. With future classics such as: "Not Love At First Sight", "Handle Him Better", "U Should Know", "Minority Story", "Back In", and the power dance anthem "Music Stepped Into My Life", Alkebulan is destined to become a future legend in the world of music.