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North Hollywood, CA 91605, USA | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

North Hollywood, CA 91605, USA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Garage Rock




"ALL TAKEN – Single Review: “Monsters Anonymous”"

All Taken is an alternative hard rock band based in Los Angeles. Formed in 2015 as a duo by long-time friends Daniel Daghlarian (guitar, lead vocals) and Avo Karapetyan (drums, backing vocals), they released their debut single “Burning Red” a year later. In March 2017 they followed up with their EP Accept This, which I reviewed, then later that year, David Eye joined the band as bassist. They released a fantastic head-banging single “Smells Like Mistakes,” in summer 2018, which I also reviewed, and on October 25th, just in time for Halloween, they dropped their latest single “Monsters Anoynymous“.

The hard-hitting song opens with fuzz-coated gnarly guitars, then explodes into a frantic barrage of hard-driving rhythms, anchored by a David’s deep, humming bass line and Avo’s muscular pounding drumbeats. Daniel lays down kickass scorching riffs that cover me with goosebumps while he fervently sings the colorful, horror-themed lyrics that speak to a loss of identity and self-worth – of feeling anonymous and invisible. It’s a great song, and I think All Taken continues to get better and better with each release.

Hey guys, I’m a zombie, been undead for weeks
My flesh is rotted and green
I crave brains and spleen
Just check out what happened last week

In the dark of the night , tryin to grab a bite
spot a meat bag looking so fine
I lunge at her and she screams
Oh my gawd are you from that zombie show?

I’m a spirit bound to this earth
Been struggling with my self worth
I used to love the scaring work
Now boos don’t get a second look

I’m not the monster I used to be
All these things tearing at me
What scares me is I don’t scare you now
What scares me is I don’t scare you anymore - ECLECTICMUSICLOVER

"EP Review: ALL TAKEN – “Accept This”"

All Taken is a two-piece alternative rock band based in Los Angeles. Comprised of long-time friends Daniel Daghlarian and Avo Karapetyan, the duo formed in late 2015 and released a strong debut single “Burning Red” in 2016. The guys have now followed up with Accept This, a five-track EP which dropped on March 18, 2017.

All Taken meld electronic and hard rock components, along with a bit of 90s grunge, to create their infectious alt-rock sound. Daniel plays guitar and sings lead vocals, and Avo pounds the drums and sings backup. Listening to Accept This, the thing that stands out the most for me is their exceptional musicianship. Daniel lays down some fine, nimble guitar work, and Avo’s drums are right on point. Also, the guys have written melodies that are both compelling and overflowing with irresistible hooks.

All Taken

“House of Wolves” kicks off the EP with some really terrific riffs, set to a catchy, start-and-stop beat put down by Avo’s hammering drums and a generous dose of crashing cymbals. The song seems to be about having a nightmare: “The house of wolves, they call your name. They’re baring their fangs at you.” The great second track “Hollow” opens with a nice strummed guitar, then aggressive shredded guitars and strong percussion take over. The song’s melodic beat at times reminds me of “No One Knows” by Queens of the Stone Age. The song’s lyrics speak of someone who’s a shell of their former self: “Remember me for who I was. Not as I am – Hollow.”

“Rather Not” has a mellow, almost acoustic vibe (albeit done with gentle electric guitar) until, at the bridge, Daniel unleashes an awesome blistering guitar solo before the slow acoustic vibe returns to close out the song. The change-up creates tension that fits the lyrics: “Shadows in an empty room Why would you leave so soon? Do you feel uneasy? My vision is hazy.”

“Secret” is loaded with hooks and more awesome guitar work, and the guys harmonize especially well on this track. The song’s about not being able to escape the person you really are: “Running from your secrets, whisper words they are the sweetest. The words you confessed are now regrets. You can run, you can hide, but you can’t change what’s inside.” The final track “Restless Nights” has a bit of a psychedelic feel, courtesy of the slow, distorted guitar that’s overlain by shredded riffs, buzzing bass and muscular drums. - ECLECTICMUSICLOVER

"ALL TAKEN – Single Review: “Smells Like Mistakes”"

All Taken is an alternative rock band based in Los Angeles. Formed in 2015 as a duo by long-time friends Daniel Daghlarian and Avo Karapetyan, All Taken melds electronic and hard rock, along with a bit of 90s grunge, to create their dynamic alt-rock sound. Daniel plays guitar and sings lead vocals, and Avo pounds the drums and sings backup.

They released a strong debut single “Burning Red” in 2016, and followed up in March 2017 with their EP Accept This, which I reviewed. They’ve just dropped a hard-driving new single “Smells Like Mistakes,” and they sound better than ever. (They also recently hired a new bass player after the song was recorded, but he will play on all future tracks.)

All Taken Single Art

The track opens strong with an explosion of gnarly, stabbing guitar riffs that rip through the airwaves, aided and abetted by heavy crushing bass and pounding drums. At the chorus, Daniel lets loose with a blistering guitar solo while Avo hammers out a powerful military beat on his drums and furiously crashes the cymbals. You give me chills guys!

Daniel’s vocals sound great as he passionately wails the lyrics about a man dissipated from a self-destructive life lived hard: “It wasn’t what he said. It was those tired eyes. Cigarettes dangling from lips dried up from whiskey sips. The twists and turns that life may take. You’re just a man who smells like mistakes.”

Although a short track, clocking in at only 2:39 minutes, it’s a real head-banger, so crank up the volume and rock the hell out! And what about that awesome artwork! - ECLECTICMUSICLOVER

"All Taken – Burning Red (New Music)"

Here’s a short story about how I came across this new music that I’m sharing today. It all started when I saw this Tweet:

All Taken
Life consists of a series of events that cycle through every now and again if you pay attention you can catch the rhythm.

11:16 PM - Jan 13, 2017
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..and it made me do a double-take, a “Whoa, YES!” and then a “Who is All Taken?!”

It turns out All Taken are Daniel Daghlarian and Avo Karapteyan, a two-piece alternative rock duo from Los Angeles, AND it turns out that they have an amazing sound; Queens Of The Stone Age meets Foo Fighters, which suits me, as a big fan of 90s rock.

All Taken have been making music and working together for 8 years, forming as a duet in October 2015. “Burning Red” is their first single, released in June 2016.

Things I love about “Burning Red”: A long and kickass intro, with a curly guitar melody before heavy riffage and drums, angry vocals, the breakouts before the chorus (“I close my eyes but I see everything in front of me burning red like a molten sea”), the amazing guitar solo (insert heart eyes emoji here) and the suave feel of the whole thing. “Burning Red” rocks! - KEL BURCH

"All Taken – Accept This EP (Review)"

All Taken are Daniel Daghlarian and Avo Karapteyan, a two-piece alternative rock duo from Los Angeles. We came across them on social media and were blown away by their first single, “Burning Red”. Since then, Daniel and Avo have been working hard on new music and have just released their debut EP, Accept This, on 18th March.

These guys can rock! This becomes apparent from the first track of the EP; “House Of Wolves”. It’s slick and dark and awesome. The introduction of driven guitar is captivating, setting the scene for what’s to come. The lyrics follow suit:

“I hope you’re prepared for what’s about to come,
it was never an option.
The pretty thing over there,
she could tear out your heart
in the blink of an eye.”

The vocals feel sneered as well as defeated, creating this dark vibe and sense of mystery. There is much unsaid and the guitars ‘sing’ with tension. “The House Of Wolves” feels like a warning via guitar raunch.

“Hollow” at the second track has a warm and unpolished sound to it. It has more of a melodic focus at the chorus than the previous track, and the use of an organ gives a feel reminiscent of The Doors. The vocals don’t give a lot away by way of expression, but they are still layered with regret; asking to not have their current state of suffering defined as who they actually are. It’s a heartfelt track, without being overdone or contrived.

“Out of sorts and out of breath she can’t escape the dread in her head”

Third track on the EP is “Rather Not”, which is so very chilled, sedate, and intimate. Clean beats and light guitar with velvety vocals. It builds up into an impressive guitar solo before a sedate close. The track is a description of difficult emotion and responding with the soothing effects of alcohol. The honesty of these characters going through challenges, as best they can, is very real, touching and human. This one will stick with you.

“Please just fill my cup,
I’m a bit down on my luck”

The following track is “Secret”, which brings a very cool and distorted rock vibe, musically speaking. It’s loud and definite. As is obvious from the title, the song is about words kept unspoken, and the fallout from that. “Secret” comes with a very catchy melody.

“You can run, you can hide
But you can’t change what’s inside”

“Restless Nights” is the last of the tracks on the EP and it’s so cool and raunchy, with its guitar tone transporting us to the 70s. I found it hard to focus on the lyrics or much of anything upon first listen, because of appreciating what the guitars were up to: having a damn good time. Mesmerised! This track builds as it continues with simple and clear lyrics guiding the way, before moving into an impressive outro.

“Stay up all night,
Turning left and right
I’m a guest to my demons
Can’t put up a fight”

Accept This is a very cool collection of rock! All Taken’s sound has throwbacks to an earlier time; their raw and unpolished rock carrying with it an attitude that has you pay attention, and a definite lack of pretentiousness. It’s just real rock, dark and grungy at times, without unnecessary frills, speaking about real life things. Well worth a listen.

Accept This is now available for streaming on Apple Music. - KEL BURCH


Still working on that hot first release.



All Taken has surfaced in the ocean of alternative rock with their toes dipped into the pools of electronic and hard rock components. The LA based duo consists of Daniel Daghlarian and Avo Karapetyan, friends who have been writing music and playing together for the past 8 years. After forming in October of 2015, the group plans on revealing their new sound in upcoming shows around California. 

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