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Freehold Township, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Freehold Township, New Jersey, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Pop




"AXS Get to know All The Stops"

Get to know New Jersey pop band All The Stops
All The Stops' YouTube Channel
After opening up the show at the New Jersey stop of the RunAround Tour on Saturday, rising young pop group All The Stops sat down with AXS to do an interview. They talked about how they got started, their new EP The Break, and more!

AXS: For the record, could you each state your name, your role in All The Stops, and a random fact about yourself?


Jordan Torres: I'm Jordan Torres and I play keyboard and I sing in All The Stops. I was born five weeks early.

Rachel Calvosa: I'm Rachel and I sing in All The Stops. I go to Biotech High School.

AXS: So you're in to science?

Rachel: Yeah, science and this!

Nina Mojares: Hi, I'm Nina Mojares and I'm one of the singers in All The Stops. I like rap music.

Nick DeFabritus: I'm Nick Fabritus and I play drums. Sushi is my favorite food.

Charlie Emanuele: My name is Charlie Emanuele. I'm one of two lead guitarists in the band. I'm going to Monmouth University for college.

Kyle Patrick: My name is Kyle, I play bass, and I'm a fan of aquariums.

Harrison Nussbaum: My name's Harrison, I play guitar, and my best friend is Kyle.

AXS: You guys just played at the RunAround Tour, the first act of the day- how did your set go?

Kyle: It was awesome. Probably one of the best feelings of my life.

AXS: Have you ever played at a theme park before?

Nick: We did play in the parking lot here, but never inside in the arena. It was definitely a new experience.

AXS: Have you been on any rides today?

Nina: We want to!

AXS: What rides are you most excited to do?

Jordan: I'm excited for Nitro.

Nick: Kingda Ka.

Kyle: The Drop of Doom.

Harrison: El Toro.

AXS: You just put out a new EP, The Break. How do you feel having it out so far?

Nina: It's amazing that we finally get to share our music with our fans and our followers. We've worked so hard on this EP for awhile now so it's great to finally put it out there.

Kyle: We're getting a lot of really positive feedback on it, as well. The people that have bought and listened to it are telling us a lot of good things.

AXS: So far, what song is your favorite to play live?

Kyle: My favorite song is "Always There."

Nick: I'm going with "Open Letter"- it's so energizing.

Jordan: I like the music for "Open Letter", but I do like the crowd interaction in "Promise Me The Moon."

AXS: Individually, you all had backgrounds in the performing arts ranging from dance to musical theater; how did All The Stops get started?

Kyle: We all went to Music University and they have bands there. We were all in different bands, then Paul [Sallee, manager] picked and chose us to put us together.

AXS: How long have you been playing together?

Harrison: About two and a half years.

AXS: With three vocalists, you have a lot of different vocal parts and harmonies in your songs. When you're writing your original songs, will the melody and harmonies or the lyrics usually come first?

Nina: It depends on the song. We also take turns on writing melodies and lyrics.

Charlie: Some songs they'll have some lyrics that they want to work off of.

AXS: You covered Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" today- what made you want to cover that song?

Nina: It's a new song that's climbing up the charts, so we definitely wanted a good song that had a positive message. The beat and the melody are very catchy.

Nick: It's a very unique song, too.

Kyle: It's all about the bass!

AXS: If you could have Meghan Trainor cover one of your songs, which one would it be and why?

Rachel: "Always There."

Nina: "Always There" has a good vibe.

AXS: If you could play at any venue in New York or New Jersey, which would it be and why?

ALL THE STOPS: Madison Square Garden!

Nina: That would be a dream come true, if we got to play there.

Rachel: We take what we can get!

Kyle: I actually would like to play at Starland Ballroom, too.

AXS: How do you respond to haters or anyone who doubts your band?

Nick: They fuel us! Honestly, we love what we do.

Kyle: We don't let anything get in the way of us.

Nina: I like to politely disagree.

Charlie: If they're not in to us, then it's not for them.

Rachel: Everybody has their own opinion.

Jordan: If that's not what you're in to, then go ahead and move along.

AXS: Thank you guys so much for the interview! Is there anything else you want to say or anything else I should know?

Nick: Make sure you go and check out The Break.

Nina: Thank you to all of our followers for supporting us on social media. - AXS - Molly Hudelson Contributor

"Freehold Band Pulls Out All The Stops"

Age never matters when it comes to great music and great performances. The Freehold area band “All The Stops” features seven of the best young musicians in New Jersey, ranging in age from 14-18.

All The Stops features Nina Mojares and Rachel Calvosa on lead vocals, Jordan Torres on keyboard and vocals, Harrison Nussbaum and Charlie Emanuele on guitar, Kyle Patrick on bass and Nick DeFabritus on drums. These seven musicians have surprised the New Jersey music scene with their incredible vocal harmonies and high energy stage presence.

In August, All The Stops was part of the RunAround Tour with some of the hottest up and coming pop stars, including Jacob Whitesides, Jake Miller, Hot Chelle Rae, Before You Exit, The New Royalty and Nick Tangora.

Singer Nina Mojares said, “The most exciting part of the Runaround Tour was the interaction we had with the crowd.” “Performing in front of an audience our age made the show at lot of fun”. Harrison Nussbaum noted, “We loved meeting our fans and to have the crowd sing along with one of OUR songs was really cool!”

As if an appearance on the RunAround Tour wasn’t enough, All The Stops recently released their first EP entitled “The Break.” The EP features 4 songs which were written by all seven members of the band. “We have been waiting a long time to release our music and now we finally get to share it with our followers. “The Break” is very pop rock. Some songs are upbeat and very bubbly, while others are a little heavier. I think our passion for music shows through in the final product. We’ve gotten some very positive feedback about the music,” said Mojares.

Harrison Nussbaum described new songs as “upbeat and happy” while they “provide a good introduction to the bands energy and talents.” Guitarist Charlie Emanuele commented “There is nothing better than to release your own, original music and to have people enjoy it.”

“The Break” is available on iTunes, Amazon digital music. and Spotify. The EP is receiving a lot of favorable feedback and is being featured on numerous internet pop radio and independent stations.

If you get a chance to catch All The Stops performing live you won’t be disappointed.

To learn more about All The Stops, please visit their website or check them out on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram @allthestops - Freehold Patch


Still working on that hot first release.



Age never matters when it comes to great music and performances.  All The Stops features 7 of the best young musicians from NJ ranging in age 14-18.

These 7 musicians have surprised many veteran musicians with their vocal harmonies, high energy performance, backed up by a super tight pop/rock ensemble. ATS plays a blend of original music and popular covers.  They never disappoint when it comes to putting on a great show. 

ATS has played some of the most popular venues in the NY/NJ area including opening for Fall Out Boy and Macklimore at the 2013 Skate and Surf Festival.  
2014 has been a busy year for the band as they have been working on original material, the release of the first EP "The Break" as well as preparing for their involvement on the RunAround Tour which features some of the hottest names in pop music. 
The band was formed in 2012 and their music can be found on iTunes.  For more information on All The Stops, please visit

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