BandHip Hop

The group has three different solo artist, so they all bring something different to the table. They have a very soulful sound and very down to earth with their musical approach. They are just ordinary guys that have a love for music.


Currently AllAboutMusic007 has three artist which is Shizz from north Philly who is currently in Texas perfecting his craft. He has just finished his mixtape Tailor Made and his album cover is currently our display photo. We also have T. Nock he is working on a mixtape as well is loacted in Fayetteville NC. and doing his thing out their as well. Young Haze is currently working on a demo back in Pittsburgh and he's hungry as well. We are looking to have Shizz full length album done by the first of the year and then looking to shop it to some label's and see what we can get from there. The album will be recorded out of "The Right Mix" studio in Lawton, Ok. a real low key spot where they can get in and work and knock out the project. The Right MIX Studio is Proud to be a Pro Tools facility. Pro tools Makes Perfect sense in today demanding music industry. So if you would like to check out the studio you can go to the website I am Fred Bailey and I pretty much over see all the projects, set up shows and do all the talking for the artist. So they can just focus on music. Our story is simple we were all in the Army and we love music. Currently T. Nock and Fred Bailey are still active in the morning.


Currently we have no radio play yet and 3 single done so far.

Set List

The Set List Goes:
Certified, Feel So good and You'll Get Rocked