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Gucci Dress

Written By: Allan Corby

Gucci Dress
By Allan Corby c.2007

Well, you look just like a covergirl
With your lipstick red as blood
And your skirt cut way up to your hip
And your shoulders in a shrug
And you look at me through half closed eyes
As if you couldn’t care less
But I know that there’s a woman
Underneath that Gucci Dress

Gucci Dress, CHORUS
Gucci Dress
Gucci Dress
How I wish that you would take off that Gucci dress

With your slinky walk and your sultry talk
You’re as chic as you can get
And there must be a pair of heels that you wear
When you’re climbing into bed
But whatever thoughts are in your mind
I’d be the last to guess
But I know that there’s a woman
underneath that Gucci dress


Well, a love like mine is so hard to find
In a world of elegance
All those pretty boys with their fancy toys
Instead of inelligience
You can take your time with your glass of wine
As you eat your watercress
‘Cause I know that there’s a woman
Underneath that Gucci dress


Vamp and out

Moon Boots

Written By: Allan Corby

Words and Music By Allan Corby © 2007

Born inside a test tube in an artificial womb
Breathing artificial air in an artificial room
‘Til a couple came and took him to become their only son
You see, every couple on the moon could only have just one,
Only have just one, only have just one

One day his mama bought that boy a tiny space suit
With a helmet for his little head and laser guns to shoot
But it didn’t make him happy, no he just sat down and cried
“Mama.” He said, “You forgot to buy my

Moon Boots Chorus
Bouncin’ around in those
Moon Boots
A kangaroo in those
Moon Boots
You can’t hear a sound
When you’re floatin out in space
With meteors to chase
It makes no difference if you’re up or down
In your brand new, silver blue, customized “just for you”
Boo-oo- oots!

So he worked and he studied ‘til he pass the exam
To become a space cadet and get to fly like a man
And all the lunar women thought that he was really cute
The way he never went to bed without his


Now it was on a mission in the blackness of the void
He had to slip outside the ship – remove a metalloid
Just then without a warning he went crashing over board
A ferocious storm of meteors had cut his safety cord,
Cut his safety cord, cut his safety cord

They organized a rescue but it was to no avail
Although his suit was puncture proof his oxygen had failed
And so he died a hero’s death that no one can dispute
Although he lost his life to space he never lost his

Moon Boots CHORUS II
Everybody Salute
Moon Boots
A brand new recruit
Moon Boots
Ain’t it the truth
When you’re hangin out in space
It’s such a crazy place
It makes no difference if your up or down
In your brand new, silver blue……..

I'm Tired of Your Lies

Written By: Allan Corby

I’m Tired of Your Lies
By Allan Corby © 2007

A D7 A
Road keeps changin’ direction, sun keeps getting’ in my eyes
D7 A6
Yeah, the road keeps changin’ direction, sun keeps getting’ in my eyes
Everytime I think you’re under control
D7 E7 A
I’m blinded by your little white lies

‘Cause baby you lie CHORUS
Yeah Baby you lie (Don’t tell me you don’t)
Baby you lie,ie, ie
Baby you lie (Don’t tell me you won’t)
E7 D7
You been lyin to me baby ever since we met
I’m tired of your lies

You’re the Queen of Bullshit every time you open your mouth
You’re the Queen of Bullshit every time you open your mouth
Don’t you think it’s time we split up?
How ‘bout I go north and you go south?



D7/9 A
I loved you baby you were an angel that fell to the ground
But you wouldn’t know the truth

If it hit you in the head and knocked you

C7/9 B7/9 Bb7/9 A
down, down, down, down,