Allan Glass

Allan Glass

 Pontecurone, Piedmont, ITA


Allan Glass is Marco Matti (class of 1989;guitar/mouth/synth) & Jacopo Viale (class of 1989;Drum/Drum Machine/synth). A rock duo from Pontecurone (Al) Italy, since 2008.
In September 2008 the band recorded and released 1st Ep: “Stanze Con Crepe” (recorded, mixed and mastered by Andrea Imelio at Frasca Studio). A collection of six psychedelic-noise song.
Between 2010 and 2011 Marco Matti produced and recorded their new Ep titled:“Guzznag”, containing five brand new song.
“Guzzang” released on January, 20th 2012 for the Italian label “The Toilet Smokers Club Records”. Guzznag recived a very good review by music critic and audience.


Stanze Con Crepe (Autoproduzione, 2008);

Guzznag (Toilet Smokers Club, 2012)
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