Allan Metts

Allan Metts

BandJazzAdult Contemporary

Allan creates rich, complex orchestrations -- full of melody and counterpoint. Think all of today's music sounds canned and manufactured? You haven't heard this. Each song is exquisitly crafted from the ground up, providing a sonic experience you won't soon forget.


A dedicated musician since the age of four, Allan has mastered pianos, guitars, drums and horns. But with over 25 years of experience in electronic synthesis -- including regular contributions to Electronic Musician magazine -- Allan has become an expert of musical technology as well.

This unique combination of musical talent, creativity, and technology expertise allows Allan to create musical compositions of the caliber that you just can't hear anywhere else.

Allan and his family live in the Atlanta area. They enjoy nature, road cycling, artistic photography, and of course, music.


"Liteness" (1996) Sleepy Dog Music

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